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By Yvonne Villasenor


Here lie the days-

The ones where I


Lost my loves

Some faded away from indifference

And some by Death itself


Lost my happiness


Fell and became crippled by anxiety

And the darkest despair


Lost myself


Glanced at my reflection and forgot who I was

And what my purpose was here


Only to one day

Bring myself back up


Enough to get out of bed

Enough to shower

Enough to eat

And enough to realize


Although I had lost so much

The little I gained was


The love from those close to me


And reassured me

It was okay to have bad days


The confidence to save myself


On the days I couldn’t bring myself to talk

To anybody else


The great amount of self-respect I knew I deserved

And slowly

But surely

Being okay with who I am

Being okay with what I look like

Being okay with not always being okay


Here lie those days


And here’s to the ones

That will bring me just as much

Joy and melancholy


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