6 Badass Contemporary Women Artists You Should Know

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By: Jess Petrylak


 Judy Glantzman
“If beauty and truth aren’t the same thing, then I don’t care about it”
Judy Glantzman is truly a Renaissance woman of the art world, mastering various mediums such as sculpture, drawing and painting, and often combining them. Cool, muted pink tones and sketchy yet ethereal subject matter have transcended into almost all of Glantzman’s work.


Judy Glantzman, Trigger, 2013, Mixed Media

Dana Schutz

“I think in order for humor to work there has to be an element of surprise, and I think painting can be a good vehicle for that”
Dana Schutz funky, bright color pallet, unexpected subject matter and larger-than-life canvas size catapults the spectator into a world unlike any other.


Dana Schutz, Swimming, Smoking and Crying 2009, Oil on Canvas


Nicole Eisenman

“The connection between my eye, my hand, the paint and the canvas…When that transference happens, that’s magic.”

The various brush strokes, that make up various stylizations of the figure is a technique that Nicole Eisenman has perfected. The contrasting textures within her paintings aid the viewer in registering the subjects as captivating an individualistic identity


Nicole Eisenman, The Triumph of Poverty, 2009, Oil on Canvas


Ghada Amer

“Art is my own way to find freedom”

Ghada Amer’s work deals greatly with issues of gender, sexuality and feminism. Most notably, her work displays an embroidered technique of pornographic imagery involving women and women’s bodies.


Ghada Amer, Trini, 2007, mixed media


Marlene Dumas

“I don’t paint people, I paint images.”

The distorted familiarity in Dumas’s work is no coincidence, due to the fact that she has a vast array of images from magazines she pulls from to create her watery muted portraits.

The Painter - gecorrigeerd_sRGB_original.jpgMarlene Dumas, The Painter, 1994, Mixed Media


Monica Cook (sculptor)

Monica Cook, comparable to Glantzman, has developed intense, raw skill with multiple mediums, such as animation, sculpture, paintings/drawings, and photographs. An eye catcher, Cook encapsulates, exposes and encourages, the indescribable and unsettling.

4 volley still .jpgMonica Cook, Volley Still, 2013


Sucker Magazine does not own the rights to any of these works of art.

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