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By: Madison Killian

Who is Colleen Green? According to her Facebook page, Colleen Green is Anything. Colleen Green is Nothing.

We chatted with Colleen and talked her into revealing a little bit more information about herself. 

You decide: Anything? or nothing?


Photo by Eric Penna, Courtesy of Hardly Art Records

Sucker: We’re getting ready to ring in the New Year, what music did you listen to most in 2015?

CG: I would have to say White Fang’s ‘Chunks’ and JEFF The Brotherhood’s ‘Wasted On The Dream.’

Sucker: Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

CG: Yeah my New Year’s resolution is to take a picture of myself in any reflective surface.

Sucker: What are your plans in 2016?

CG: Making more of my own new music!

Sucker: What’s your favorite band to tour with?

CG: The Thermals were really cool to tour with, Diarrhea Planet are also really fun to tour with. Oh! and Upset was really fun to tour with.

Sucker: I bet that would be a cool tour, especially since Patty Schemel (of Hole) is the drummer.

CG: Yeah, she’s the best.

Sucker: Was it intimidating to be around Patty? Are you a big Hole fan?

CG: I never really got into Hole, but it is a little intimidating being around her at first. Eventually you realize just like anybody, she’s a normal person. She’s an amazing drummer, and just really nice and awesome. She has a lot of really cool stories.

Sucker: You’ve recently made the leap from your 20s and into your 30s, what did “growing up” teach you and do you have any advice to bestow?

CG: Just kind of learning how to be more accepting of things that you can’t change, and to be less focused on yourself as things happen in the world. Nothing really has to do with you. It’s a fucking big world. Especially in relationships and stuff, it’s not all about you, it’s about the other person too. That and trying to be a more understanding and rational person. It’s cool touring and meeting a lot of people from all different backgrounds, and getting different perspectives.


Photo by Colleen Green, Courtesy of Hardly Art Records


Sucker: Has your taste in music changed all that much as you’ve gotten older?

CG: No not really, I don’t think my musical tastes really matured much past 16.

Sucker: Do you notice that your music sounds like the what you’re listening to at the time?

CG: I try to do that. I always say like, I wanna write this type of music, but I don’t really listen to that much music. My music- it never comes out the way I want it to. So, no not really.

Sucker: When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

CG: I just kind of always knew. I was writing songs when I was 5, and I think I just inherited the dream from my mother and grandmother because they always wanted to be singers.

Sucker: What was your first musical endeavor?

CG: I started my first band when I was a senior in high school. We were a 3 piece all girl, like wanna be pop punk band. We didn’t really know what we were doing. So it ended up not really being pop-punk. More just being like really really weird.

Sucker: Were you a cool kid in high school? What was your high school experience like?

CG: I wasn’t a cool kid. I also wasn’t like, bullied or anything like that. My school was so incredibly small that everybody had known each other since childhood anyways. We all knew each other. I was into punk and ska, so I kind of had a group of friends that were into those things too. I also had a group of friends that weren’t into those things that were very like, normal and they were kind of more like second tier cool people. I was like friendly with the cool kids but I didn’t hang out with them. I didn’t think that they were that cool, you know?

Sucker: Do you have any artists that you look up to or someone that mentored you?

CG: Oh, yeah. I mean, I look up to all the White Fang dudes and the JEFF The Brotherhood dudes. I look up to this guy Kramer- he’s pretty legendary in the music world. He’s mastered all my Hardly Art records. I look up to everyone that’s been successful in music, really. I like to look up to my friends that are doing cool stuff and that are like, really prolific and productive like White Fang.


Photo by Colleen Green, Courtesy of Hardly Art Records

Sucker: Are you inspired by any other mediums for your music? Like books, or movies?

CG: Oh yeah, yeah. I’m definitely inspired by movies all the time. I really like music, but I’m more into movies I guess. I’m really inspired by books too. I guess just getting inspired by stories and ideas. I really love what would be categorized as “late night” or “stoner” comedies. I love all the Happy Madison movies. They’re stupid as hell, but what I admire is the performances of the actors in those movies. Even though it’s like a total piece of shit movie, if the actors give energetic performances it can really lift the movie up. It’s cool. Yeah, I like the Hot Chick, I like Dirty Work, the Problem Child movies, and all the Adam Sandler movies. Anything involved with Saturday Night Live.

Sucker: Drink of choice?

CG: I mean.. my drink of choice is water. and yeah, I’m a big water drinker. I drink it all day long.

Sucker: Would you be so kind as to share the story of the first time you smoked weed?

CG: The first time I smoked weed I was in high school… My parents would go away every weekend, so I would have parties at their house. I was drunk and a couple of my friends who went to a different high school had weed, we tried to smoke some on my back deck. It was really cold outside because it was wintertime in Massachusetts and I don’t think I got high… but I was drunk so I don’t remember. Pretty exciting! The second time I smoked weed was on Christmas. I think it was that same year, and I did get high! I was going to sleep. I was at a party at my friend’s parent’s house, and me and my best friend and our other friend were going to sleep and he said “hey you guys wanna get high?” So we got high.. and then we went to sleep. Turns out 15 years later that that’s the best thing that weed is for. I learned early.

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