Tribute To David Bowie

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Sucker Magazine staffers dedicate art & words to the late David Bowie


Ground Control To Major Tom

Hours before I found out about David Bowie’s death, I moved myself into a 150 sq. ft. studio apartment downtown Seattle- something that I have always dreamed of doing. (maybe not the 150 sq. ft. part) After a day full of driving and moving boxes down crowded streets and up flights of stairs, I walked to get some groceries- and somehow ended up in a record store. As I browsed through the shelves finding my favorite artists and looking at album covers, I felt content for the first time in a very long time.

I distinctly remember grabbing a Bowie record and being filled with excitement and wonder- I’d waited so long to get here. I was alone in a new city, and while that is exhilarating- it’s nice to see a familiar (lighting bolt covered) face. In the wise words of Penny Lane “if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.” And that I did.

As far as I can tell, anybody who has done or created anything worth a shit has attributed David Bowie as a major inspiration. When you hear about somebody (or something) like David Bowie having died, you don’t, can’t believe it. He’s supposed to live forever. Where do we ever find somebody else capable of shifting the culture as drastically as he did- who soared so high above us all- who for the last 18 months of his life suffered in silence- and left us all with a goodbye gift. He didn’t want sympathy, he wanted to give us something.

As I write this, I am sitting in my cozy little studio apartment, the rain is coming down, and I’m listening to Suffragette City perhaps a little too loud. (i’m sure my new neighbors appreciate it) Here I am at the beginning of my story and my new adventure- while David Bowie leaves us after a life of accomplishing more than most people could ever dream to do.

I could say I founded Sucker Magazine but truth be told- I wouldn’t have even come close to this idea if it weren’t for weirdos like David Bowie who said that it was okay to think outside the box and do shit differently.

I want to thank David Bowie for being an inspiration to me- as I grew up somewhere with limited access to what interested me, and limited access to people like-minded to me. Thank you for being a God to those who couldn’t and wouldn’t fit in anywhere else, and for making it clear that there is life on Mars, thank you David Bowie, for being a pioneer for weirdos everywhere.

-Madison Killian (Reptilia)



Lucy F.R. covers 2 Bowie songs (click below to listen)


Lucy F.R. reads “A LOVE LETTER…” aloud


We all remember when we met him. We met him because of nothing tangible, we met him because the universe led us to him. All of us remember the first time we heard him and the first time we saw him- this beautiful alien that was never at a loss for words, never unable to show us all of the art that he ever imagined.

He was this vibrant shooting star that made everyone’s wish of not being alone in the world come true. He destroyed all of the boundaries between male and female, reality and fantasy, earth and outer space, and if it weren’t for him other aliens wouldn’t have risen and come out of hiding and the proceeding generations of outcasts wouldn’t have had the support that they did. If it weren’t for him all of the saved weirdos wouldn’t have lived freely and would have been left in the dark.

When I first met him I was outcasted by my town, I didn’t fit in with the culture contained here. And when I first saw him I knew that there was nothing wrong with me. I learned that there were others like me, and I took a huge, everlasting comfort from it. It allowed me to not be nervous about what I wanted to do, who I wanted to grow into, and how I wanted to dress my body.

And I know that I am only one person in the thousands of others who felt the same about this single human being.

And because of that, he seemed to live forever. Nobody could fathom the idea that he was, in fact, mortal, and he would be gone one day, nobody noticed that Dark Star was a heartfelt goodbye because he suffered in silence while he effortlessly graced us every day with a new way of liberation. Everybody assumed that he would live forever, everybody assumed that he was this time-and-space bending alien king that could define life and death.

And because of that, he will be living forever. He is now stardust again. He is the wind on Mars, he’s the Daddy Long Legs that you find in your bedroom and take outside. He’s the face on the moon.

And I loved him every day for everything he’s ever done for me. And I still love him. I love him, I love him, I love him.

We love him.

We will always love him.


-Lucy F. R.






jessie bowie thang!!!

“David Bowie True Form” by Jessie Petrylak

In a world full of darkened places, he illuminated paths, he was a beacon of courage and strength for being the one thing that was hardest to do in this world: himself. Many times has he picked us up like shards of fragile glass with his words, many times has he made us feel like he was hearing and listening and that he understood. He stood up strong and tall against any questionable being, and said my gender is not yours to define, but my own. Through times of self hate his voice echoed through the brains of many, “We could be heroes, just for one day.” David Bowie was much more than a musician, an actor, a fashion icon, an activist. He was a true hero and voice, for any and every freak to exist within the duration of his life and beyond. RIP DAVID BOWIE, may your legacy live on forever.

-Jessie Petrylak


the man who stole the world

“The Man Who Stole The World” by Grace Giselle


I get a lot of my music taste from my dad. He taught me so much. One of his absolute favorite artists is David Bowie, which (thank god) quickly became a favorite of mine too when I was a little girl. That love still thrives in me today. I was shocked when I heard the news that he departed from our world. But, then I thought “at least he’s safe now.” I am extraordinarily thankful for the art and love this beautifully talented alien has graced us with. What a precious gift he was to this world and I am overjoyed to know that he will live through all of us in a special way. He will forever color my sunset.

-Tracie Marrose




“The Stars Look Different” by Dylan Conner


juliette bow.jpg

“Thin White Duke” by Juliette Arnaud


kayla bowie yay

“Ziggy Alien” by Kayla Gutierrez

“Thank you for the safety and love you provided for me through your art, the fucking music. Rest in peace my beautiful alien.”

– Kayla Gutierrez

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