Another Goddamn Love Poem

Art, Uncategorized

By Connor French



‘You are a color i havent seen painted with before
To discover you in the shit stained gutters of boise downtown, dragging around my leather lined with lemons, that palette of pain you call a gaze gave me a reason to paint with God again

Your colors run deep
But your eyes fade to black

Im afraid i like that

That darkness feels warm and i have been cold all winter

You’re a cozy eyed freak show side making me want to run with the circus
But i am just a cat monkey with split hooves and shattered antlers

A wild eyed stag with cats in the bag and roots in the rut, i am ass backwards
A buck captain short some rat bastards.
Catch my drift? Im anchored out at the harbor and still lost at sea

So i dont want you to love this mess of me.
Dont dare love these struggle bones
Im afraid you will chew me up and spit me out or tear my house into a home
And im ready for both

But i want none of it’

But i do.
Between yall n me

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