GIRL CRUSH: 8 Random Facts about Annie Clark (AKA St. Vincent)

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By Tracie Marrose


Last year, I basically sold my soul to Annie Clark after seeing her perform live at Coachella. After watching her throw her not-so-fragile body around the stage and bang her head into the ground while screaming, I felt the need to get down on my knees and bow down to my newly crowned queen. She’s hot, mysterious, stylish, a badass guitar player, she has the voice of an angel, and her dating history is full of babes. Here are some reasons why you too should be crushing on this goddess:

St Vincent at SASQUATCH! 2015

Photo by David Conger

1. Before going solo, Annie was a part of Sufjan Steven’s touring band

After hearing a part of what was to become Annie’s first solo record, Sufjan reached out to her asking to join him on tour. So back in 2006, she played with him for a couple of tours for Come and Hear the Illinoise.

2. Her aesthetic is “things that are unsettling or a little bit creepy”
During an interview with the NY Times to promote her album titled Actor, Annie said “I wanted to make something that had the whimsy and the sweet of something very pure, like the Disney films, but also something that was kind of bloody and gory and disgusting. I tried to combine those two things, both things that I love in equal parts, and see what happened.” Basically, whatever goes on inside that brain of hers is perfect.

joshua lewis

Photo by Joshua Lewis

3. Her moniker, St. Vincent, comes from the name of the name of the NY hospital where poet Dylan Thomas spent most of the last days of his life

Annie stated the deeper meaning behind the name by saying “It’s the place where poetry comes to die. That’s me.” I’ve melted into a puddle on the floor.

4. She worked at the Taco restaurant owned by her sister and brother in law for about two weeks
Pictures and tweets about spotting the singer working as a waitress at a random taco/burrito restaurant in Dallas began surfacing last fall. Casual. Annie revealed to Bon Appetit magazine that her sister and brother in law just opened the taqueria and when she showed up to “check the vibe of the place,” she noticed they were understaffed. So, in a gracious manner, she picked up and apron and a towel and got to work. I still kick myself for not driving up there to let one of my favorite musicians recommend and serve me some Mexican food. Oh, she also made it very clear that she strongly prefers tacos over burritos.



5. She created a space oddities playlist for Rolling Stone

Thinking of our dearest David Bowie, I thought this was important to include on this list. Annie said “These are the songs I would play if I was invited to a dinner party on the moon. I’m imagining all the artists floating a little bit.” Check out the playlist here:



6. She has looked into trying to pump scents out to the audience during her shows

The following Q&A is from an interview Annie did with the Chicago Tribune.

Q: You had been thinking about piping (song-appropriate) smells into your concerts. How far did you get with this?
A: Here’s how far I got: I investigated some apothecaries in Los Angeles that made really beautiful scents. Then I looked into how you would pipe them in, but it turned out there wasn’t an easy way to do it. There was a cheapo version of it, that was kind of like a smoke machine, but it had to use their scents, like cotton candy or root beer. There’s a really high-tech version that Shania Twain is doing in Las Vegas, but until I write a hit like “You’re Still the One,” I can’t afford that. Also, it could be oppressive to people if they have allergies. Then you’ve got someone whose show is ruined because you wanted to get fancy.

7. She’s funny & keeps it real
One of her most recent (and most random) stunts was pulled with her current girlfriend, Cara Delevingne. The pair walked around with giant water guns and began spraying people for no obvious reason. The pictures are hilarious, look ‘em up! Also, she was recently spotted in an airport wearing a t-shirt that had “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” in massive letters on the front. Unexpected but super appreciated.


8. Mixtape Delivery Service
Last summer, this message appeared on the St. Vincent official facebook page.
“Sometimes, the best remedy for what ails us is the perfect mixtape. So, St. Vincent would like to create a personalized ‘mixtape’ just for YOU. Simply click on the link below and submit a paragraph (50 words or less) describing what in your life would benefit from a St. Vincent curated playlist.”
Annie began creating playlists for the people whose stories she chose and playing them on her little segment for Beats 1 radio and called it “St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service.” Not only is this concept super rad, but it also gave us a taste of the music that Annie listens to herself. You can find all of the playlists online and on Spotify.

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