I Guess This Is Throwing Up

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An Interview with Seattle band ‘Cool Void’

By Dylan Conner

I sat down with the Cool Void dudes (via FaceTime) to discuss the future of their band, their recent demo and their influence within the scene. Seattle shoegaze band Cool Void is made up by Jeff Alan, Alec Carey, Illeana Bozarth and Simone Dawson.

cool void.jpg

Sucker: So tell me about yourselves

Jeff Alan: We’re Cool Void, we started this summer. Alec and I started jamming at my parent’s house and then… I don’t know, slowly but surely we met Illeana. I guess Illeana and Alec used to jam together when they were younger but shit happens and they stopped hanging out, I don’t know! We just added Simone last week also.

Illeana Bozarth: Look how cool she is!

JA: Can we wear sunglasses? I know they can’t see we are but, should we?

Sucker: Absolutely wear sunglasses. So what does everyone play?

JA: I’m Jeff, I play guitar and sing.

Alec Carey: I’m Alec, and I play drums.

IB: I’m Illeana, and I play bass and also sing.

Simone Dawson: I’m Simone and I play guitar!

Sucker: How long did it take to put out the demo and how are you guys feeling about it?

JA: Well, when we put out the demo it was actually just me and Alec. It was weird, I had to record all the bass and multiple guitar tracks. It didn’t actually take that long though, only like 2 months of writing.

Sucker: How do you guys see yourself developing as a band?

JA: Awesomely, with more rock, and more sunglasses.

Sucker: Tell me about your favorite show you guys have played!

JA: Playing with Nasti was really cool. Its really weird because we play with a bunch of hardcore bands, but we aren’t a hardcore band. Its so cool see that crossover and still get positive feedback.

IB: Playing at the Black Lodge is always fun, and the El Corazon show we did.

Sucker: Love the Black Lodge, any tour plans?

JA: We’d love to do a tour, but we don’t have a van. Hopefully in the spring! Cool Void Spring Break Sunglasses Tour 2016.


Sucker: What about a full length album?

JA: Again, we would love to! I just want us to talk to some labels, but we would love that.

Sucker: Tell me about the Cool Void songwriting process.

IB: Crying.

JA: And smoking a lot of cigarettes, and then we wake up with a song written.

IB: That’s literally it.

Sucker: That’s fucking perfect, sorry this is a cliché one, but are there any bands that inspire you?

JA: Lots of them! Obviously we love G.L.O.S.S., Gag, Vacant Life, Lysol- there is the best fucking punk coming out of Seattle. But influence wise I ‘d have to say My Bloody Valentine or the Pixies. I’d definitely describe us as a “sad-boy shoegaze” band.

Sucker: Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Forgive me for this next one, I was stoned when I thought of it… but if you had to describe yourself as a band using one of your lyrics what would it be?

JA: “Turn the lights down” from I Guess This Is Throwing Up.

Sucker: Sick, that’s my favorite song off the demo.


You can check out their recent demo at https://coolvoid.bandcamp.com/releases


Check out the video for “I Guess This Is Throwing Up” below

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/151454037″>COOL VOID / &quot;i guess this is throwing up&quot;</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/sebastianchoe”>Sebastian Choe</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p


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