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Black Sabbath stops at Tacoma Dome as part of farewell tour

By Alyssa Campbell


While great music will always live on, all good things must come to an end.

Legendary metal band Black Sabbath resumed “The End” tour on Saturday Feb. 6, at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Wash. after having to postpone multiple shows in Canada, due to lead singer Ozzy Osbourne coming down with sinusitis and bronchitis.

It was breathtaking seeing fans from all different generations gathered together for one reason, to see what many hail as the greatest metal band of all time.

Due to the band’s dark and sinister lyrics, the concert attracted protesters who stood on the side with signs that read “Repent to Jesus” and yelling “Turn away from the darkness, it isn’t too late.”

Original members Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler reunited for what Black Sabbath announced would be their final tour.

Tommy Clufetos filled in as drummer for original member Bill Ward, who will not be joining the band for the tour.

The show started with visuals of Satan bursting out of a bloody cocoon setting the world on fire.

The words “BLACK SABBATH” appeared in flames on the backdrop, fans cheered and yelled ecstatically, then the backdrop collapsed.

Blue and purple lights radiated through the room, “Black Sabbath” was the song that kicked off the night. Followed by “Fairies Wear Boots,” a combination of fuchsia, red, lime green and yellow psychedelic visuals were projected on the screens.


The band didn’t perform songs from their latest album “13,” instead they performed 13 classic hits back to back including: “Black Sabbath,” “Fairies Wear Boots,” “After Forever,” “Into The Void,” “Snowblind,” “War Pigs,” “Behind The Wall Of Sleep,” “N.I.B.,” “Hand Of Doom,” “Rat Salad,” “Iron Man,” “Dirty Woman” and “Children Of The Grave.”

Clufetos’ drum solo was unforgettable, leaving the crowd clapping, yelling, howling and whistling.

Headbanging, singing song after song and at times running back and forth across the stage, you would never have known Osbourne had just been seriously ill.

One of the highlights of the night was when the band performed “War Pigs.”

Smoke shot up from the stage, beams of red, white and yellow lights danced across the room. Osbourne swayed side to side urging to see everyone’s hands, as loud sirens blared through the speakers.

But it was Butler’s signature bass and Iommi’s legendary dark riffs that set the tone.

The crowd sang in sync with Osbourne, fist pumping, as visuals of explosions wiping out buildings, homes and palm trees were shown on the screens.

A combination of the band’s stage presence, classic, heavy, moody sound, mind-bending, doomsday visuals and multicolored lights helped make this night unforgettable.

Concluding the show, the band performed the encore “Paranoid.” Confetti filled the air and “The End” appeared on the screens.

The band will continue the first leg of the North American tour followed by Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Then they will be heading back for the second leg of the North American tour for summer dates starting mid August.

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