Get Sappy – Valentine’s Day Poetry

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Another Love Sonnet
By BreAnna Rae

Your freckles are the color of coffee
beans, I want to grind them between my lips.
Tasting espresso, hands on hands, on hips
Melting away, whipped cream on latte, plea
For a sip, a taste, a whole cup of me.
Overflowing love, pure and sweet, it drips
Along the edges of your brim, no scripts,
Just you and me, coffee, and what could be.
How lucky is your skin to shield your bones,
How blessed are my fingers to hold yours.
You are pillow case laughter and the foam
That sits atop my drink, shaped not to bore.
You are forest green leaves and great unknowns.
Just you and me, coffee, and this new home.

With Love, Annabel Lee
by Alyssa Campbell

Before we rise we’ll meet again, this is where we’ll meet:
submerged in the depth of our essence, the pits of misery at our feet.
Safe from starting over, ever floating in the void of our Self–
Fatal whispers turn to silence as we perish in this hell–
Hidden from the rays of life, between reality and a dream town;
Skies of water and She’s quiet now, until our thoughts come crumbling down.
There’s a place for you and me, somewhere to never be spoken of.
Even angels fill with envy in sight of two souls rooted in love.

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