STRFKR Just Wants to Have Fun

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Concert Review – Santa Ana, California (2/11/16)

By Yvonne Villasenor



After taking a break from touring for nearly three years, indie rock/synthpop band, STRFKR, is officially back on the road this winter. After seeing them once before during their fall 2013 tour, I was looking forward to seeing what they had in store this time around.

The Portland band kicked off their tour in Southern California and made their way to The Observatory in Santa Ana on February 11, 2016. Com Truise and Fake Drugs accompanied them this tour.

About fifteen minutes in, background music faded in and lights dimmed as people were waiting for STRFKR to come onto stage. The crowd was on their feet and cheering for over two minutes.




STRFKR members, Joshua Hodges, Shawn Glassford and Keil Corcoran, made their way to their instruments, blue lights flashed and the beginning of “Boy Toy” began to blare throughout The Observatory. The energy suddenly became electric, as everyone was dancing along or nodding their head to the beat.

STRFKR is known for having an astounding light show as well as flashy projections behind them throughout their entire set. This along with their colorful sound and consistent use of famous lecturer, Alan Watts’ samples kept the audience mesmerized.

Their set list included songs off every one of their albums. About mid-way into their set, they announced they were going to play some songs that had never even been performed live, which was of course exciting for long-time fans. STRFKR played 23 songs, three of which were covers. They played fan favorites, “German Love,” “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second,” “Astoria,” “Golden Light,” and “Julius” – they also debuted their brand new single, “Never Ever.”

Approaching the last few songs of their set, confetti shot out and blow-up dolls were thrown into the crowd. Fans were incredibly lively at this point – everyone was either singing along, dancing or getting the blow-up dolls to penetrate each other as they made their way throughout the venue. (Needless to say, I got a few dick shots to the head…)

STRFKR proclaimed “While I’m Alive” to be the last song for the night, but this was not enough for fans. A massive amount of people were chanting “one more song” as soon as they walked off the stage.

A minute or so into the chanting, whistling and cheering, STRFKR returned to the stage to play an encore of three songs including “Pop Song,” “Bury Us Alive” and ended the night with “Leave It All Behind.”

STRFKR will be touring until February 27th and will be on the road once again for almost the entire month of May.

Be sure to catch them on tour and check out their latest single, “Never Ever.”






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