The Life of Pablo

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I (Still) Love Kanye

Album Review by Dylan Conner

Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo” has not only stopped the world in its tracks, but left it in a wake of confusion as well. In what could be Yeezy’s most complicated album yet, he blends familiar gospel with detailed production to create what I would like to call, an absolute fucking masterpiece.


The album opens with “Ultra Light Beam” featuring Chance the Rapper. The song can be best described as “gospel on a lot of drugs” or “just really damn good” depending on what kind of mood you may be in. Chance’s verse is absolutely flawless, and the overall composition of this song is beautiful.

The rest of the album combines familiar Kanye sounds (think 808s and Heartbreak) with newer elements to create a complex track list that I frankly have not gotten sick of yet (and can’t see myself getting sick of anytime soon.)

I’ve personally been dwelling hard on the transition between “Real Friends” to “Wolves.” This album is masterfully crafted to create a god damn work of art. With other artists featured such as Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and Rihanna, it gives a sense of amazing collaboration among seriously talented musicians.

Through Kanye’s erratic and slightly confusing series of tweets over the last few days, he has revealed that though this album is up for listening ONLY through TIDAL, it is still in progress and the final product has yet to be completed. So, let us know what you think about it so far, us here at Sucker are very excited to see what Yeezy has in store for us next.

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