Teriyaki Chicken & Pineapple Kebabs

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Recipe by Roni Davis



When it comes to food I’m all about cheap and easy. Thankfully, this delicious recipe is about as easy as it gets. It took almost no time to make and consisted of ingredients I normally keep around the house.


-Boneless Chicken (I bought frozen chicken cubes because I’m lazy)


-Pineapple (I bought precut because like I said, I’m lazy)

-Teriyaki sauce (I prefer the “island” flavor)





Cut chicken into bite size cubes. I marinated my chicken in teriyaki sauce overnight because I’m a fan of the “set it and forget it” philosophy. You can marinate those babies anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. If you are using wood kebab skewers you should soak them in water for about 30 minutes so the wood doesn’t burn in oven/grill.

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Prepare your skewers alternating a piece of pineapple, bacon, and marinated chicken. Turn your grill on medium to high heat, and cook each side for about 4 minutes. Pour any extra teriyaki sauce over kebab while grilling. If you don’t have a grill turn your broiler to high heat and place kebabs on the top rack of your oven and cook each side for about 5-6 minutes each side.

If you can’t make rice I can’t save your ass! You’re an adult you can figure that one out.




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