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Our Top 10 Favorite Movie Soundtracks

By Lucy F.R.

“Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you’d be dead.” -Gummo

What’s a great film without an equally as great soundtrack? (Hint: extremely fucking boring) Even the folks making silent film know that music can pull at your heartstrings more than any image could. Without further ado… Here are a few of our favorite film soundtracks.


  1. Psycho; composer: Bernard Herrmann
  2. Requiem For A Dream; composer: Clint Mansell
  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974); composers: Wayne Bell and Tobe Hooper
  4. Insidious: Chapter One; composer: Joseph Bishara
  5. Pulp Fiction; soundtrack by: Quentin Tarantino
  6. Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2; soundtrack by: RZA
  7. Eraserhead; composer: David Lynch (with songs by Fats Waller)
  8. Natural Born Killers; soundtrack by: Trent Rezner
  9. Lost River; composer: Johnny Jewel
  10. Gummo; soundtrack by: Randall Poster

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