The Story of May’s Missing Artist of the Month

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Comic by Rhianna Grace Henson

Words by Madison Killian

 All of our regular Sucker readers may have noticed that this month, our usual monthly highlight of underground kick-ass artists was MIA. 

We had been in contact with a fairly well know Vine star and artist, Nicholas Megalis- whom we were all fans of and thought the world of. He had agreed to be our artist of the month! 

After weeks of back and forth and getting jerked around, schedule changes, and still no interview- morale was low in Sucker Magazine’s art department.

Before we knew it- it was halfway through April and our artist of the month had still not given us the interview. 

It was then that the dark haired online King went on a quite misinformed Twitter rant encouraging his followers to skip college- a viable option for some, but not the most opportune or informed decision for many. 

We realized we may have been better off without said artist of the month- but in the spirit of being honest (and unmerciful), enjoy this comic strip.

We will always be honest with you guys, and we will also probably always be assholes. 


rhianna comic 2

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