Selena Ruiz: Artist of the Month – June 2016

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Interview by Jess Petrylak


Who is Selena Ruiz?

Selena Ruiz is a 20 year girl born and raised in Riverside, California.

What was your first experience with makeup?

I would say when I was about 11 years old I would apply NYX black pencil liner all over my waterline and smudge it out. I wouldn’t dare try liquid liner back then, I thought winged liner would never happen for me.



Where did your inspiration first stem from?

When my mom died in 2012, I started wearing makeup way more than I ever had before. I felt it was a way of coping.


Your makeup style showcases and argues the theory that makeup truly is art. How do you believe makeup factors into the art world?

I don’t understand people who do not think makeup is art. How is it not? It takes inspiration, vision, structure, blending shades, product placement, etc. My face is a canvas.


Who are some of your favorite makeup artists?

I love many, but Roshar (@rosharofficial) is the only makeup artist I aspire to be.

How do you decide which design to create on a daily basis? Does color choice play into that as well?

I usually go based off the look I did the previous day. At the end of the day, I’ll look at my makeup in a mirror and think of other ways I could’ve done it, like what other lines/shapes I could’ve connected or drawn. I just keep building off what I do.

What are some of your favorite products?

Sephora’s Liquid Liner, Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, anything Sugarpill Cosmetics, and NARS Makeup Removing Water.


What makeup style do you feel most comfortable in? Empowered? Vulnerable?

I feel most empowered when I have sharp thick wings, over sized top/bottom eye lashes, some glitter highlight, and wearing my favorite brown lip gloss. I feel most vulnerable when I’m not wearing eyelashes, to be honest.


Do you think makeup companies look down on you or avoid you because of your lifestyle?

I honestly feel they do, I feel a lot of makeup artists and brands avoid me because I’m not strictly a makeup account, and because I post photos of marijuana. If they look down on me for it, that’s unfortunate but I know myself and what I am capable of despite what my Instagram portrays.

You’ve recently been experimenting with adding textures such as gem stones, taped brows, and spiked paper eyelashes. How do these products further your exploration with makeup and art?

Yes! I’ve been experimenting with different objects to apply to makeup because I get bored. Adding these objects to my makeup looks have really given me a lot of inspiration to find out how far I could take it and what could become.


What is the worst comment you have received on your makeup style? What is the best?

I don’t even consider the negativity I get. There’s a lot of people who think my makeup is trash, but not compared to how many people think my makeup is great. I think the best comment I’ve received was from @shrinkle (owner of Sugarpill Cosmetics); She told me how much her and her friends admire me, and how much she loves my creativity. Also, I have to add, when I went to IMATS this year, Kim Chi came up to me and complimented the hell out of my makeup. I nearly fainted. And, oh wait, once, Kat Von D liked a makeup photo of mine. I cried.


What does your makeup process look like?

Well after I smoke, I get started with my skin, brows, shadow, liner, lashes, highlight, contour/blush, lips, and then, whatever I feel like gluing on my face that day.

What is your go-to song to listen to when getting ready?
Bam Bam – Sister Nancy

Which decade of makeup do you take the most inspiration from? Why?

I take a lot of inspiration from 90’s editorial makeup. I admire the rawness. They would include props on already very intense looks. Very fearless. I find it badass.

FullSizeRender (94)

What is your response to people inferring that women wear makeup to please men?


What is your experience with education and makeup artistry?

I’m a high school graduate and am currently attending My Beauty Mark Makeup Academy. The only makeup artistry experiences I have are from the courses I take at school, so far: prince inspired makeup, a full face makeup course, and a moodboard makeup course.

You are undoubtedly a pioneer of pushing graphic liner into another realm, changing how people view makeup itself, and truly creating a style unique to you. Have you noticed your influence on makeup artists on the internet and in real life?

Wow thank you. People do looks inspired by me often and will tag me in them on Instagram. I think it’s cool that people actually feel inspired enough to go out of their comfort zones and do some unusual makeup. I do notice other artists switch it up a bit and try something I would do, but I don’t blame them, I just get kind of irritated when I don’t receive credit.


What is next for you? What are your plans and your plans for your future makeup looks?

As of now, I’m just waiting to finish makeup school, and see what happens from there. Due to experience, I find it hard to plan ahead of time. Nothing is certain, but of course it would be my dream to pursue an actual career in makeup. I want to succeed. And as for makeup looks… stay tuned️.


Where can we follow you, stay updated and contact you?

I’m pretty active on Instagram: @anythingforselenaaas, and I also have a tumblr! Follow me at

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