Breakfast Pizza

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An Easy, Cheesy and Delicious Breakfast 

Recipe by Roni Davis


Everyone loves pizza, or at least everyone should love pizza. This week I’ve been really into making flatbreads and pizzas- the most recent being a breakfast pizza. What sounds better than breakfast and pizza combined? Uhh… not much. This recipe is literally fool proof and super easy to make so have fun with it!


Book Club: Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

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“Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl” – Carrie Brownstein (2015)

By: Tracie Marrose


“My story starts with me as a fan. And to be a fan is to know that loving trumps being beloved. All the affection I poured into bands, into films, into actors and musicians, was about me and about my friends.”

Carrie Brownstein used to be my age. She grew up blaring loud music and singing along even louder. She lived in a college town.  She went to concerts and lost herself in the music while being mesmerized by the performers on stage.