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Playlist & edit by Jessica Petrylak


Hey MTV, Welcome to Our Cribs

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Inside Sucker Magazine’s Staff Rooms All Over The World + Personal Playlists

Words by Yvonne Villasenor


“You can make whatever you want when you’re alone in your room.” – Kathleen Hanna


…Although some would be surprised to discover I am introverted, it is no secret that I enjoy solitude and need a place to recharge after busy days that are often filled with a number of social interactions and anticipation to go home. That place is known as my room…

image1 (1)

Madison Killian – Editor in Chief & Founder of Sucker Magazine

Seattle, WA

…This is where the magic happens.
And by magic, I mean scribbling down words until I hit writer’s block, watching Buzzfeed videos or science/philosophy/paranormal/conspiracy Youtube channels, adding clothes I can’t afford into my shopping cart, singing along to my favorite jams and of course, swooning over animals on the internet….

Jenn Endless – Sucker Staffer

Chicago, IL


Kayla Gutierrez – Sucker Staffer

Bronx, NY


…In a loud, chaotic world, I find peace within these four walls. Never “peace and quiet” though – there is not a moment in time when I’m in my room and not listening to music with the exception of sleeping. Even still, I have to use my noise machine in order to fall asleep…


Jess Petrylak – Art Editor

Upstate NY

…In my room, I have different components that keep me relaxed: my laptop, music via Spotify or record player, books, candles, plants and flowers. I wish I could say my cats too, but most of time, they wake me up with their fighting or try to eat my plants. One thing I especially cherish is the very thing my cats are invading in the picture above. For someone who’s only 4’11, I constantly hog the bed and absolutely love being able to wake up sideways, diagonally, upside down…you name it. I also have a huge window to the right of my bed that allows me to get some fresh air and natural sunlight in my room, which is refreshing. To the left of my shelves, I have built in storage space that has pictures, stuffed animals, more books and candles, as well as miscellaneous items I should probably throw away but won’t…

13307350_10206908981468961_417225497398791776_n (1)

Yvonne Villasenor – Sucker Staffer

Orange, CA



Tracie Wilkerson –  Sucker Staffer

Salem, OR

That Girl Thinks She’s the Queen of the Neighborhood

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In celebration of our Riot Grrrl theme this month, Sucker Magazine staffers hand-picked their favorite songs from the movement and compiled this playlist. Our only request is that you play this as loud as humanly possible and share it with all of the riot grrrls you know.

Click below to listen:



Meet Me in the Bathroom

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Valentine’s Day Playlists For Every Occasion

It’s that special time of the year, where either romance, hatred, or sex is on the brain. Whether you’re in love this V-Day, heartbroken or bitter, or just need a playlist to get it on to… Sucker Magazine has you covered.


Songs To Do Witchcraft To

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By Jessie Petrylak

Click below to listen to Sucker Magazine’s bewitching new playlist


Because you can’t turn boys into frogs without a great soundtrack…

witchcraft playlist.jpg