My Year In Music

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By Tracie Marrose

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Dylan’s Top 20 Albums of 2015

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By Dylan Conner

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2015 brought really great new music. I mean… we’re talking REALLY great. Asking me to rank my favorites in any particular order would be cruel and unusual punishment.

So, without further ado, I give you my top 20 albums of the year in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

Playlist: Dark Magic Neon Lights LSD Vibes

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  1. “The Pink Room” Angelo Badalmenti

  2. “Baby’s Going Underground” Helium

  3. “How Long Have You Known?” DIIV

  4. “It Girl” Brian Jonestown Massacre

  5. “Breathe The Fire” The Soft Moon

  6. “Light In Places” Peaches

  7. “The Dead Zone” Johnny Jewel

  8. “Just Like Honey” Jesus And Mary Chain