Amanda McElroy: Artist of the Month – February 2016

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Interview by Jessie Petrylak
A Karen O's Garden (colored pencil and liquid acrylics).jpg

Karen O’s Garden, Amanda McElroy


Who is Amanda McElroy?

That’s a tough one. Sometimes I feel grounded, to where I feel I understand myself or am okay with myself. Experiencing those times are nice, though infrequent, unless it relates to art. Most of my life I’ve felt unsure, insecure about who I am, and about people and things around me. Having a lot of questions. Wanting to look different, be different, be seen/viewed differently..have a bolder, more sociable, outgoing personality. Be well-liked. That type of thinking plus either others and/or yourself telling you that you’re not these or good things, makes one experience anxiety; sinks in all this insecurity and makes you withdraw, become more introverted. Being in my head a lot helps me come up with a lot of ideas for drawings or animations I’ve already made or that I’m going to or would like to create. It’s not so good for the whole sociable, let’s interact with other people positively kind of thing. Social things are awkward experiences, think they always will be, as well as interesting. Being an observer you often forget to participate, so working on that a little.