A New World Nightmare

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A post-apocalyptic short story by Alyssa Campbell

Waking up in my bed has felt strange so many times, especially when I’ve forgotten that is where I was all along. I have fallen into these deep sleeps before, going through my day unaware of what was real and what was just a dream. When I have these awful nightmares, I try to keep them to myself, but this is one I had to share.


No one knew things would turn out this way; everyone was sure she was going to be better than the other candidate, who many had said would be like another Hitler. But they were wrong. Everything changed once she got into office, but no one was paying attention. It was the age of the “selfie;” technology shifted in a new direction, and sooner or later, everyone jumped ship. There were selfie sticks, filters that completely changed your appearance; no one wanted to look like their natural self anymore. Women and men were spending all of their money on makeup, making sure their contour was “lit” and their eyebrows were on “fleek.” 

There was a family that changed fashion forever, and soon, young girls were getting full-on plastic surgery to look a specific way, before they even started middle school. Vegans tried to make a difference, they tried to warn people to shop organic and stay away from GMO’s, but soon it didn’t matter, because everything was being labeled organic in the United States, even if it came from human DNA. Unfortunately, other countries fell into the same illusions. No one cared about the good of the planet; no one realized other forces were trying to get through and help us. Earth was constantly going through shifts, things were being revealed across the globe, people were coming together and standing up for what they believed in. 

Creatives were making art, music, literature, films, photography, and pornography, to capture these feelings and shifts they were experiencing. The bible described this period as the end of times, and the zombie stories became true, beginning with an app called “Pokemon Go.” People from all generations were playing, meeting up, walking to catch pokemon, staring at their phones. All while she was getting away with murder, a race war was taking place, police were targeting people of color, the government was trying to take away people’s rights to bear arms and enforce martial law. And that was only in America. 

People were dying all around the globe because of hate, greed, lust, and vanity. A generation war was also taking place around the world between millennials and everyone else, but mainly the baby boomers. As the earth’s energy continued to shift into a higher vibration, lower energy vibrations began to die out. Celebrities began to drop like wriggling, dying flies. One after another, people began calling them angels, saying they had served their purpose of helping the earth; a cleanse was happening and they couldn’t stay while it happened. One day, the only ones left on earth were the millennials, creatives, and empaths. 

They were the only ones who could withstand this new energy, left to bring in a new world. But along with this cleanse, everyone became renewed, meaning they had no knowledge of what happened or who they were. In preparation, a group called the Saeri, who were half alien, half human, were abducted by a group of aliens called the Oir until the cleanse on earth was complete. The Oir explained to the Saeri what was happening and why. They began by informing the Saeri that it had been the Oir all along, sending messages throughout time on Earth

They told them in order to help guide humans they had to create a story we could interpret, which is where religion came from, but that we began to focus on these things more than our actual experience on life, and the wellbeing of earth. Everything that was happening on earth was affecting the rest of the universe, which is why they had to step in. They explained that the former American presidential candidates were actually evil; they were from a different planet, trying to destroy the earth and create chaos. They wanted to steal the souls of human beings, keeping them trapped in this three-dimensional state of existence. There were celebrities who were angels, and celebrities who were fallen angels, but they were each placed on earth for a purpose, said the Oir. 

The celebrities were vessels, communicating messages from other worlds, but humans began to worship them, once again becoming more distracted from the bigger picture. The Saeri asked why they let Earth go on like this for so long, why the Oir hadn’t come sooner. That’s when it was explained how the Saeri came into being. 

They were a part of the Oir, but since Saeris were bound in a higher vibration; on earth they wouldn’t be recognized. This is why they were a hybrid, living a human experience. What went wrong? Well, when the Saeri were born they had gotten amnesia, therefore, they had to go through experiences others couldn’t relate to, they constantly felt abandoned, and alone. But they were the prophets; they were created with strong empathy and a flame that burned in them. Their mission was to break down the old ways. 

The Oir explained the true form of humans, with the earth in a higher dimension, humans would be able to access parts of their brain they never had before. They’d also be able to communicate through telepathy, they didn’t need to eat anymore, and there was no more hate or greed. There would be no God, the Oir explained. There was indeed a divine intelligence, but it was something that could not be perceived by human intellect. They didn’t want to make that mistake again, and humans would be able to understand more about this intelligence, because they would all feel a connection. 

People would be encouraged to continue to build this connection with the divine through deep meditation and eating a sacred mushroom. This would be the only time humans would need to eat. These mushrooms would constantly be supplied as a gift from the divine, so people wouldn’t have to worry about them ever running out. They would have an instant gateway; it would be there and they would realize their soul is eternal. These new times were what were once described as heaven on earth. 

There would be no more chaos and corruption. In the old world people weren’t in control of their desires; they weren’t taught to train their instincts, and therefore, they thought it was natural. In fact, it was the furthest thing from natural, and it was only a small part of the human experience, but not where other life was, in other worlds. This is why in the past it was considered a sin to lust; the Saeri would teach the humans how to be in control of their desires, how to feel light. After eating the mushroom and meeting with the higher intelligence, humans would feel the highest form of pleasure and would no longer desire pleasure from their physical bodies. 

Everyone would have an understanding that there was more to life, and there would be no promise of life in a kingdom after death. But there would be promise of fulfillment and purpose. The Oir also explained that fate was very real, and so was free will. Free will was given to all on earth, to see if humans would be able to figure things out as a collective; or if they would continue to remain asleep and let the world around them fall apart. Because of their failure, the Oir knew that humans needed a better understanding of how both free will and fate are necessary to the human experience. The divine intelligence knows no good or bad, but it was created to help teach humans right from wrong. 

The Saeri would also bring new technology to earth and humans would no longer work as slaves to a system that kept them blinded from their true purpose. There were different beings in the universe that wanted to experience life on Earth. They wanted to show themselves, but they were afraid. Now they would able to make their way onto to the planet, Earth would become a school for all lives in the universe. The goal would be to find ways to keep a supermassive black hole from swallowing the Earth. In order to do this, they would all need to work together and humans would be able to travel to different planets whenever they wanted. 

There was a lot that needed to be explained, and the Saeri were very patient; they too were upgraded, so they couldn’t feel any anger, even know they had just found out everything that had ever known was a lie. The Oir also told the Saeri the truth of the soul. That there was another half to each soul, living in a different realm. After this new transition was complete on earth, souls would be allowed to finally come together as one on earth, after this, no one would ever need to eat a magic mushroom, because they would become immortal. Once immortal, they would be able to visit the divine intelligence by simply hoping for it to happen. They would be able to manifest things like magic. 

Earth would become like it had never been. Before the Oir let the Saeri go back to earth to begin their new life, they told them they were sorry. They knew a lot had to be done in order to bring in change, but “it was all a part of the process,” they said. In the past they had to respect people’s free will and couldn’t communicate at all, and it wasn’t until they created the Saeri that they were able to find a way to help earth. They told the Saeri not be upset with the divine intelligence, but Saeri had no anger in them at all. They felt at ease knowing they hadn’t been crazy this entire time: they were actually the ones who were sane all along.

Girl Crush: Frances Bean Cobain

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By Tracie Marrose  



Photo by Hedi Slimane


We have all seen Frances Bean mention some of her current favorite music and reads on her Twitter feed. Every now and then, the witchy twenty-three year old will sprinkle us with a dash of her vast knowledge of music, books, film, and art. I have compiled a list of just some of Frances’ picks for your ears and your eyes. Fill your brain. Go nuts.




  • A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
  • The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac
  • Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
  • No Logo by Naomi Klein
  • Flappers and Philosophers by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks by Jack Kerouac & William S. Burroughs
  • The Stone Reader Modern Philosophy in 133 Arguments by Peter Catapano and Simon Critchley
  • Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs
  • Richard: A Novel by Ben Myers
  • Edie: American Girl by Jean Stein
  • Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace
  • Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert
  • Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach
  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
  • I’m With the Band by Pamela Des Barres
  • GRACE: A Memoir by Grace Coddington
  • Just Kids by Patti Smith
  • Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
  • Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk
  • The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again by David Foster Wallace
  • Helen of Troy: Beauty, Myth, Devastation by Ruby Blondell
  • Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
  • Memoirs of a Beatnik by Diane DiPrima
  • The Monk by Matthew Lewis
  • Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
  • The Town and The City by Jack Kerouac
  • Love is Dog from Hell by Charles Bukowski
  • Ham On Rye by Charles Bukowski
  • If You Meet the Buddah on the Road, Kill Him! by Sheldon B. Kopp
  • Will Work for Drugs by Lydia Lunch





  • PJ Harvey
  • Dolly Parton
  • Thank God for Mental Illness (Album) – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  • David Bowie
  • Definitely Maybe (Album) – Oasis
  • The Pogues
  • The Warlocks
  • Young Marble Giants
  • The Magnetic Girls
  • Noisettes
  • Television
  • Munki (Album) – The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Brandi Carlile
  • Lush
  • Blur
  • The Muffs
  • Adele
  • Black Mountain
  • Suck My Left One – Bikini Kill
  • I Want Your Love – Transvision Vamp
  • Stupid Hoe – Nicki Minaj
  • Wish You Where Here – Shakespeare’s Sister
  • We Used To Be Friends – The Dandy Warhols
  • You’re A Wolf – Sea Wolf
  • Animal Nitrate – Suede
  • When the Stars go Blue – Ryan Adams
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Knife-Edge
  • Love Of The Loveless – Eels
  • Waste of Paint – Bright Eyes
  • Lover I Don’t Have to Love – Bright Eyes
  • Out of Nowhere – Django Reinhardt
  • Celeste – The Telescopes
  • Hard Headed Woman – Wanda Jackson
  • What Is? – Wipers
  • My List – Angelyne
  • Hey You, Get Off My Moon – Velocity Girl
  • Nancy Boy – Placebo
  • Lose Yourself – Eminem
  • Punk Rock Girl – The Dead Milkmen
  • Black Balloon – The Kills
  • Blow – Blossoms
  • Bone House – The Dead Weather
  • Treat Me Like Your Mother – The Dead Weather
  • To Love Somebody – Nina Simone
  • Get Ur Freak On – Missy Elliot
  • Come Together – Spiritualized
  • Twisted Words – The Circles
  • Fire Sign – Gossip
  • High And Dry – Radiohead
  • Jackie – Sinead O’Connor
  • Featherframe – Pale Saints
  • She – Suede
  • Jorge Regula – The Moldy Peaches
  • Shadowboxer – Fiona Apple
  • Heart of Gold – Neil Young
  • Mad World – Michael Andrews
  • She’s So Strange – Travis
  • Driftwood – Travis
  • Is She Weird – Pixies
  • As If By Magic – La Roux
  • I’m Not Your Toy – La Roux
  • The Boll Weevil – Lead Belly
  • Devil Got My Woman – Skip James
  • Venus In Furs – The Velvet Underground
  • Goddess On A Hiway – Mercury Rev
  • Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead
  • Plastic – Portishead
  • Boom Swagger Boom – The Murder City Devils
  • I’d Like To Know – Supergrass
  • Just Lookin’ – The Charlatans
  • Junk Bond Trader – Elliot Smith
  • Featherframe – Pale Saints
  • Orange Crush – R.E.M.
  • She Said – Longpigs
  • Suicide Bomb – Primal Scream
  • Suzanne – Leonard Cohen
  • Bang Bang – Nancy Sinatra
  • Dig Me Out – Sleater-Kinney
  • Zombie Man – Primal Scream

 Listen to our FBC inspired playlist below: