Calm Down, Witch

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Love Through Enchantments & Witch Tips

By Jess Petrylak



Life comes at you fast (surprise, bitch) and sometimes you need a little something extra that will remedy the seemingly uncontrollable bad vibes. The following are easy, totally do-able, totally safe, and affordable spells/enchantments/tips that can get you through even the toughest of times, while still embracing the supreme witch that you are:


1. Go Crystal Shopping at your Local Occult Shop

There is truly nothing more spiritual and magical than letting a crystal choose you. Upon walking into your local occult shop, gaze over the crystals, pick them up and experience them. Crystals have a unique way of knowing what you need and call out to you (try not to be biased based on color and shape!). For example, selenite, which is a personal favorite,aids with mental clarity, and is often used to help with anxiety. Once you have picked out your crystal, research it and make sure you know when and how it is charged for full healing properties. Just having a little crystal companion to keep on you wherever you go will definitely give you a feeling of protection and safety.

 2. Burn Away the Bad Vibes with Incense and Candles
Much like crystals, burning certain colored candles and specific incense can emit a healing energy with a few simple steps. Choosing a candle color is essential to releasing the correct vibes you wish to obtain; for example, if you were seeking change, you would choose a turquoise colored candle. To prepare your candle, you must cleanse it by rubbing lite olive oil upwards towards the wick. This process strengthens the candles abilities. The spiritual meanings of incense fragrances bring forth clarity of mind as well as other magical properties. Burning  frankincense can purify negativity and bring forth courage. (Remember to never let your guard down when experimenting with fire!)

3. Brew Up a Tea Potion
Teas are yummy and easy potions for beginners on a budget. You simply mix the ingredients, let them steep in hot water, and experience the potion as it emits throughout your being. Make sure your atmosphere reflects the qualities you are looking for and is protected. You can find Sucker’s Beginners Guide to Tea Potions here

 4. Have a Bewitching Night Out with your Coven
Although indulging in solitude is totally necessary when feeling overwhelmed, it can add gloom to your already stressed out vibes. Ring up some of your closest friends, dress in all black, fly over to your favorite haunt, drink a couple brews and relax. If going out isn’t your scene, inviting friends over for a cozy night in is a fun, serine experience for everyone. Watching a Sucker recommended movie gathered around a glowing crystal salt lamp will definitely heal your aura.  

5. Cleanse your Being in the Bath or Shower
Showering or bathing seems like too much work and a waste of time when you have so many other things to do. We’ve all had those days (..or few days) where we have gone without showering, but it will calm you down and make you feel even better if you do. Just using natural shampoos and soaps in the shower can sometimes leave you and your being feeling entirely refreshed. If you opt to bathe, soaking in a homemade bath spell, accompanied with crystals and candles most definitely do the trick as well. The following is a fairly simple, vegan friendly, bath spell that can be used to heal one’s spirit (specifically those who have experienced trauma):

• 1-2 cup(s) Milk (Powdered or Liquid, Dairy or Non-Dairy) for Nurturing
• ¼ cup Honey (Protection) and/or Maple Syrup (Rebirth, Healing)
• 5 Drops Lavender Oil (Tranquility, Peace of Mind, Eased Sleep)
• [Optional] 5 Drops Clary Sage (Protection, Related to the Reproductive System)
• ¼ Cup Himalayan Pink (Cleansing, Self Love) or Sea Salt (Cleansing, Purification)
• Lemon Slices (Cleansing– Avoid sun exposure for 6 hours after using lemon in bath; do not use if having a dairy milk bath, as it can curdle. And that would be yucky).
• Oatmeal (Soothing)
• Rosemary (Protection)
• Rose Quartz (Self love)
• Amethyst (Healing and Restful Sleep)
• Rhodonite (Recovery of Trauma– Do not put in water as it might dissolve, leave on edge of tub)
• Pink, White, and Light Blue Candles (Healing, Self Love, and Purification)


6. Channel the White Witch and twirl like Stevie Nicks
Getting out of bed is sometimes the hardest part of day, let alone getting up the energy to do any physical activity.  If you’re not in the mindset to jog or go to the gym, at least get on your feet and do some signature Stevie Nicks twirls (but do it responsibly), and when you do it, do it cool.

7. Listening to our “Calm Down, Witch” Playlist
When practicing any form of self love, it’s important to have a soundtrack that calms your spirit and makes you feel invincible. This playlist is specifically made for practicing self love through enchantments and witch tips, enjoy!:

Songs To Do Witchcraft To

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By Jessie Petrylak

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