Father John Misty Loves Me and I Have Proof

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Sucker Magazine’s Exclusive “Highs and Lows” of Day 1 at Governor’s Ball NYC 2016

By Jess Petrylak


Photo by Justin Leonti

Walking onto Randall’s Island on the morning of Friday June 3rd, brought forth an overwhelming sense of comfort and excitement; this would be my home for three days. Here I will experience and share countless of  memories of seeing my favorite artists and bands, with some of my favorite people on the planet. And although cut short due to extreme weather conditions, GovBallNYC 2016 holds some of my most cherished memories of my 21 years of existence.


Photo by Nigel Deakin


We had planned for weeks what we were to bring, how to get there and back, how to survive in heat or rain, which shows we absolutely could not miss. Walking up to the gates that read “Governor’s Ball” in bold, happy letters, we promptly got into line around noon to get our bags checked and wristbands scanned. Scattered amongst the crowd were some of the coolest girls I’ve ever seen, adorned in Strokes shirts and jackets bought directly from the Strokes “Pop-Up Shop” that was open until the last day of GovBall, June 5th. Holy shit, I thought to myself, today the Strokes are playing.

Suddenly, the gates open and I see people begin to frantically rush towards the GovBallNYC Stage, where nonetheless, the Strokes were to play that night at 9:15pm. I smiled for the girls that pummeled past security, I smiled for their excitement and their eagerness, I smiled because they would be barrier for the Strokes.


The London Souls at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Matt Ebbers


After scanning our super cool and efficient GovBall 2016 wristbands, we marched onto the festival grounds and were greeted by volunteer workers handing out emoji decorated pins, all while wishing us a safe and happy time. We headed directly to the GovBallNYC stage to groove to The London Souls and kick off our GovBall experience. The London Souls, a two man band established in 2008, reinterpret and modernize classic rock music while still holding close to the roots and beloved stylization. With drum beats that re-pattern the beat of your heart and guitar riffs that would make Hendrix proud, there is no denying that The London Souls are the future of classic rock in the 21st century, totally bad-ass and the nicest, most gracious guys. Not a head in the crowd wasn’t bopping along to their structurally sound, seductive anthems.

IMG_0539 - Copy

Bully at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Matt Ebbers

Some time had passed, and we had scurried around the festival grounds checking out each stage, merch table and food stand. We decided to take a break after watching Black Pistol Fire and sit under a tree while having some food and beers. We unenthusiastically hear Elle King from across the field, we were not planning on seeing her set, because well, we just aren’t into her. Being subjected to hear her Elle King would have been fine if she sang her own songs, but instead she had only belted out merely a few originals and the rest of her 45 minute set to sing covers.

We quickly ate, checked the line-up schedule and headed over to the Big Apple stage to watch BULLY’s set, which we were all very excited to see. Bully, a grunge punk band formed in Nashville in 2013, has a distinguishable raw and realness, that translates smoothly not only with Alicia Bognanno’s rough vocals, but with their overall attitude. Within their set, after finishing a song, Bognanno exclaimed while smirking, “so the next few songs are covers.” How shady, I love it.

IMG_0563 - Copy
Father John Misty at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Jess Petrylak


We stayed at the Big Apple Stage because a few people in our group were interested in seeing Action Bronson, who was the least of my concern. Only a few hours until Father John Misty graces the Big Apple Stage. Once Action Bronson finished his blunt and his set, my friend took me and slingshotted me to barrier, where I was to stay for two hours until J Tillman’s set.  I did not even speak to anyone at barrier, a lot of people were talking amongst themselves, trying to make friends while waiting packed together in the sun. I just stood there, facing forward, occasionally looking back at my boyfriend who was a few people behind me, but mostly staring at the stage, waiting.

Two hours had felt like month, when suddenly the lights went out and band members (that suspiciously all looked like J. Tillman) piled on stage. My heart started racing as J. Tillman sauntered on stage, appropriately bowing and nodding and pointing. This idiot man, this stupid fucking idiot! He looks so good! With a single hit of the drum, I knew they were starting with a classic, and one of my favorite Father John Misty Songs: “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.” The entire crowd started dancing, and I almost started crying because how out-of-body this song has always been for me. With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat I screamed, with the entire crowd the opening lines “Jesus Christ, Girl.” Let me tell you, the song is more magical live, more out of body and more floaty (more floaty? whatever) I was floating, and I wasn’t alone. I could not take my eyes off J. Tillman, his movements and gyrations were hypnotic, it’s as if he had summoned Elvis and was casting a love spell on the entire crowd.

FullSizeRender (97) - Copy

Father John Misty at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Jess Petrylak

I just stood in awe most of the time, in awe of him and in my somewhat pathetic fan-girl mentality, but I did not care, not now, it was my time. A few songs in, I notice him looking in my direction while smugly raising his eyebrows. Taken aback I just smile back at him, while he proceeds to smile, point and wink. What the fuck, that was not towards me, was it? I have forgot to make it clear, we have had history, J. Tillman and I. No, not real history, but there are a collection of tweets we have exchanged back and forth between us, mostly involving him being my father, dog gifs and asking him if he would give me some money. Could he have recognized me? Shut the fuck up, Jess. He eases into playing “Nothing Ever Happens at the Goddamn Thirsty Crow,” and when belting out the lyric “why the long face blondie, I’m already taken, sorry,” he swiftly replaces “sorry” with “sort of” and winks at me again. At this point I am well aware I am part of the act, I’m participating in the world of Father John Misty, I am the prop, I am willing to be the prop. And I am sure he swooned many people that day, I am sure many people felt singled out and special, which is what a great performer does.

Nonetheless, mid song J. Tillman hopped down from the 6 foot stage and came directly for me. The weight of the entire crowd was placed on my back and pushed my body tightly to the barrier, but I did not mind. He’s right in front of me. I looked up at my favorite artist, entertainer, musician, person; I could barely see his face in an all consuming wave of arms and hands grabbing, touching, and I touched what I could (a small section of his bare stomach, sorry J.). Father John Misty’s set, by far, was my favorite experience of GovBall, truly unforgettable and left me shaking with happiness and amazement.




A few hours of relaxation, food and drink was necessary and much needed after Father John Misty’s set, not only for me but for my boyfriend and friends. We were all losing steam and needed to rest before the Strokes set later in the day. I truly have never seen a band bring so many passionate people together like the Strokes have, their fans are loyal, aggressive, real. My sister, who was one of the girls that bolted to barrier early in the day, had described being barrier at a Strokes concert as being part of a hysteria. She stated in a discussion we had afterwards, “It’s so intense, you can feel it everywhere, and you can’t breathe because everyone is trying to get as close as possible. You have no room to move or breathe or anything, and towards the second half of the set you’re like, why did I do this to myself? But you have to do it, It’s all part of the experience.” The energy began to feel thick and electric as we approached the time of the Strokes set, it was to be the icing on the cake of my fulfilling day, but the entire cake for so many. Fashionably late as always, the Strokes began their set 15 after their expected time, opening with the humble classic “The Modern Age.” Fuck yeah.

The first half of their set included songs from their newly released EP, as well as many older songs that only the truest of the Strokes fans would know and be able to sing along to. I was surprised to see many people march away from the stage during this time, as if they were expecting only the typical hits such as “Reptilia” or “Someday.” During the middle of the set, Julian Casablancas broke away from his usual dad joke trope to speak about a serious and tragic issue that is currently devastating the Strokes family.

Brett Kilroe, whom Julian had described as “the greatest visual artist who we have ever gotten the chance to work with,” has been creating award-winning design in music, publishing, and branding for over 20 years, and had served as Vice President of RCA Music Group, had unexpectedly passed away. Julian explained that Kilroe had followed them through their entire professional career, creating some of their most iconic visuals, and was a man that he was intimidated of as a young man, but later realized he had the most “wonderful and sweet heart.” “My wife, whom he was very close with, I thought said something awesome about him,” Julian stated, “he knew everyone better than they knew themselves.” Following the heartfelt message, the band dedicated “Electricityscape” to the late Brett Kilroe. The rest of the show was brimming with the classic’s all the basics inevitably ran away from, and the night ended on a really fucking great note. The Strokes are still the coolest band in the world.

IMG_6081 - Copy

The Strokes at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Kristen Knight


Photo Contributions: Matt Ebbers,Kristen Knight, Justin Leonti, Nigel Deakin

Quote by: Brianna Petrisko

Thank you to GovBall, my boyfriend for making this all possible, my group for putting everyone’s safety first, everyone that helped me execute this article, and all my friends that attended.

Megan Schaller: Artist of the Month – April 2016

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Interview by Jess Petrylak


julian casablancas

Julian Casablancas, Megan Schaller


Who is Megan Schaller?

She’s a pop culture enthusiast whose basic needs are fulfilled by “Tasty” Facebook videos and the affection of her 5-year-old Toshiba laptop. Viewer discretion advised; all characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Nothing she does is intended to be taken seriously, although she often questions if her own world would be more beautiful with less levity.


big grams x goldmine junkie

Big Grams x Goldmine Junkie, Megan Schaller


Your preferred medium is Microsoft Paint. What does that offer you that other mediums cannot?

Primarily, it offers a warm nostalgia, as well as comfort. Growing up as a digital kid, I first fell in love with art through hours and hours of Microsoft Paint play on the glitchy family desktop. There’s something romantic and slightly badass about using a tool so simple and universal. The digital art landscape is an incredible place, but so many brilliant people are discouraged from contributing due to lack of access to expensive digital tools (Photoshop, crazy expensive cameras). Microsoft Paint is my revolt.



wabi sabi

Wabi Sabi, Megan Schaller


Who are other visual artists you look to for inspiration?

I’m infatuated with classic comic book art and comic-inspired artists. Of course, Lichtenstein is a biggie. Nam Jun Paik inspires me with his liberal use of bright, exciting color; Laurie Simmons’s portraits drew me to the idea of portrait work. On an internet scale, I recently was introduced to the art of Polly Nor and fell in love. She’s a superhero, and I love scrolling through her instagram.  


alice glass x start again

Alice Glass x Start Again, Megan Schaller



How does your art making process usually go?

I mass-produce musician portrait artwork like Model-T’s. When I was younger, I would choose to draw whoever’s music was stuck in my head at the moment. I would open up a google image and practice tracing over it with my stylus to get the shape. Then, I’d transfer that wrist-flick to MS Paint in another tab. As I matured, I got better at eyeing shapes and sizes. I’ve probably drawn 750+ separate portraits using Microsoft Paint, and the practice has gifted me with a strange knack for spatial relationships. I draw portraits when I’m bored during class or half-asleep before bed. The familiarity of the process comforts me during these sporadic times.




Bowie, Megan Schaller


How do you choose which colors you are going to use within a piece? How does color help your drawing aesthetic?

The majority of my MS Paint portraits contain the same 5-or-6 pastel colors. I’m not a huge fan of pastels, and greatly prefer moody reds, purples, blues, and blacks, or ridiculously bright neons. However, I wanted to use color and line as a commentary of the current, digital age. Pastel has become its own culture within the tech babies of today, and it’s a palette that young digital kids identify with. I use it as both a satire of and nod to my own universe. These are pastel years.



beyonce x formation

Beyonce x Formation, Megan Schaller


What is the hardest facial feature to depict with line?

It’s unbelievably difficult to draw eyes with in the line/ minimal-shading style and avoid having them look cheesy. I never draw irises and pupils, and I wish I had a deep, emotional reason as to why I made this artistic choice. In reality, I just don’t want to butcher the pictures.



zayn x fader

Zayn x Fader, Megan Schaller



Have any celebrities interacted with you because of your portraits?

One of the coolest things about our digital parallel universe is the ease of which ordinary “anybodys” can communicate with their favorite artists. The access astounds me, and I’m so grateful to every entertainer who takes time to interact with fans of their art. Some of the I started posting my catalog of silly portraits of musicians as a way for thanking them for the impact that they have made on my life. To know that these portraits have made some of them happy is more than I could ever ask for; the only reason I post anything I make online is to make people with a love and respect for music feel good. About 6 months ago, Ryn Weaver contacted me telling me that she was interested in collaborating on designing her tour merchandise, which was wickedly fun.




GTG, Megan Schaller


What is your first memory working with Microsoft Paint?

I remember trying to recreate scenes from my own life using the paintbucket and mouse. There were a lot of drawings of a little blonde Megan and her cat, although often I just gave up and tried to draw abstract scribbles instead.


rock paper scissors

Rock Paper Scissors, Megan Schaller



What is your go to art making song?

Since the bulk of the art that I make in my casual life is portrait-work of musicians, I often listen to the songs of the musician. For the past few months, I’ve been listening to an awful lot of Empress Of. If I had to choose one song, I’d say Empress Of’s “Woman Is A Word” – or, possibly “Army Dreamers” by Kate Bush. I have a huge crush on Kate Bush.



bjork x it's oh so quiet

Bjork x It’s Oh So Quiet, Megan Schaller


You have recently been incorporating lyrics within your pieces. How do you decide which lyric represents the artist your depicting?

This is a manifestation of my love of Lichtenstein-esque “comic” art, and I’m glad you noticed! I try to choose a lyric that showcases the brilliance of the artist (which is essentially my selfish way of saying “a lyric that I think is universal or clever”), or a lyric that encompasses the theme that they are trying to portray through their body of work. If an artist is promoting a new project, I’ll try to use words to complement that project.



debbie harry x hanging on the telephone

Debbie Harry x Hanging on the Telephone, Megan Schaller


Do you have a favorite celebrity to depict?

I love drawing Julian Casablancas, a man whose sonic wisdom I respect and admire endlessly. His facial features are very unique, as well – and fun (…and better yet, easy) to draw! I also love to draw Grimes, who I believe is one of the most talented – and beautiful – people to ever grace this planet. Björk, too.



grimes x nylon

Grimes x Nylon, Megan Schaller


How long does a piece usually take you?

As I said earlier, I crank musician portraits out like Model-T’s. A piece of an artist that I have drawn before will not take me longer than an hour. I can thank the simplicity of line art, for that!

In what way does your art represent you and the message you want to put out into the world?

A while ago, I came to a standstill where I was wholly uncertain in the art (Microsoft Paint portraits of musicians) I was posting online. I felt as if it was meaningless, even though it was fun and comforting for me to draw, and exciting to share. I’ve come back to believing in the original purpose of my art – sharing a love of music with like-hearted people across the world, and bringing joy to people through innocent instagrams online. If I can make one person feel good for even a second, then I am doing something meaningful.

Offline, I have been working on a series of similar “line art”-style drawings of famous paintings of white, able-bodied women (ex. Mona Lisa, Botticelli’s Venus) with PoC, queer, and disabled women. I look forward to continuing to work on and share this project. Through this, I am finding power through art, while recognizing my own privilege as a white, able-bodied young woman.



charli xcx x trophy

Charlie XCX x Trophy, Megan Schaller


What is the best advice you have ever received in terms of art/the art making process?

Share art online! The internet is an incredible realm of human beings who never stop communicating, sharing, and exploring. If you put something out there, it will be seen. To me, that’s magic. The power is overwhelming.



war superstar

War Superstar, Megan Schaller


What are your future plans for you and your artwork?

My love of digital technology – as well as the realization of the major gender disparity in the field – has inspired me to pursue a career in computer science and engineering. I am excited to bring my artwork – via my half-broken Toshiba laptop – with me as I go off into the world, as that warm constant that has stayed with me since I first played with Microsoft Paint as a little girl. My little hobby has become something so much bigger than myself, and as long as it is a part of me… and my PC computer is running… I will continue to share it with others.

If the computer science thing doesn’t work out, I want to be a professional water bed tester or a high school math textbook model.



drake x hotline bling

Drake x Hotline Bling, Megan Schaller


Where can we follow you, and purchase your artwork?

My outlet for posting anything and everything is @megandoods on instagram.

Although I’ve dabbled in Society6, I find that RedBubble (http://www.redbubble.com/people/megandoods?ref=account-nav-dropdown) is the easiest and cheapest way for me, personally, to sell artwork.