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Written by Yvonne Villasenor


Photo by Cailtin McCann

Three-piece rock band, Vundabar, started with the sole intent of playing for fun – four years later, they are playing shows where their fans can have fun too.

For those who don’t know, “vundabar” is a German word that translates to “wonderful” and if I could describe the L.A. show in one word it would be “vundabar” Ha-ha.

I had never been to Non Plus Ultra, but the venue was once a warehouse and in its current state, seems to be a great place for upcoming bands to play at. It was a really laid back environment, filled with more people than I expected and some sick projections to give it a psychedelic vibe. Even the famous singer-songwriter, Ryan Adams, was there to check out the new talent. I could not believe it – I had to Google “Ryan Adams” on my phone to ensure it was him…Needless to say, I am not used to the Los Angeles scene.

There was a homeless man who came to party at the show and as he was walking in, he enthusiastically yelled, “it’s just rock and roll!” I was unable to get his name, but he danced and smiled watching the bands play and was certainly a favorite among the crowd. He came up to me outside minutes before interviewing the guys and the information I was able to get from him was that he was a veteran who immigrated to the United States and loved it much more than where he grew up despite his current struggles.

Brandon Hagen, singer of Vundabar, humorously introduced the band.

“We’re Vundabar, we’re playing a sold out show at The Echoplex tonight…it’s gonna be a good time.”

SUCKER: Okay, so I’m sure you guys get this a lot, but is there any reason why you picked “vundabar” for your band name? Why a German word?

VUNDABAR: There’s no reason at all, we just kind of decided on it.

SUCKER: What’s your favorite part about touring?

VUNDABAR: “Seeing new faces, meeting new people, making new experiences…We saw Tom Cruise,” Hagen said.

Each of the guys told me about seeing Tom Cruise on Sunset Boulevard and how they had a joke about “Tome Cruises.”

SUCKER: What’s the worst part of touring?

VUNDABAR: Being tired. Showering isn’t the easiest task while on the road and we try to make sure we shower every other day.

Sucker wanted to know what bands the guys were anticipating on hearing albums from.

SUCKER: Which band’s upcoming album are you guys looking forward to?

VUNDABAR: “That’s a really good question…I’d have to say Protomartyr,” Hagen said.

Drummer, Drew McDonald, and bassist, Grayson Kirtland, responded with “Thee Oh Sees and Crag Mask.”

SUCKER: Where do you get ideas for your music videos? They’re so eccentric and entertaining to watch.

VUNDABAR: From movies, seeing people on the street and everyday things I find funny.

SUCKER: What place aside from your hometown feels like home?

VUNDABAR: That’s also a really good question… I’d have to say Richmond, Virginia and Philly.

SUCKER: Do you have designated time to write music or do you write music whenever?

VUNDABAR: It happens when it happens. We’ll just play in general. You might even say we’re currently working on something.

SUCKER: Where do you get your ideas for your songs?

VUNDABAR: Shit that happens, movies, personal experiences and a lot is observational.

SUCKER: What are your favorite songs to play live?

VUNDABAR: Worn / Wander, Voodoo and Ash in the Sun. They give me a lot of room to dance around and act dumb.

NOTE: I also discovered here that they aren’t really fond of their most popular tune, Holy Toledo.

“I don’t know why people like that song so much,” Hagen laughed. “We have better songs.”

SUCKER: Where are some places you really want to play a show?

VUNDABAR: The U.K., Portland and Brazil.

The boys concluded the interview by mentioning how they’d nominate a radio personality if they weren’t able to vote for Bernie Sanders this election and how they were excited to see more Tome Cruises and play their upcoming shows in San Francisco, California + Boulder, Colorado.

Minutes later, they were on stage headlining the show. They played a good amount of songs off each off their albums Gawk and Antics. It didn’t matter whether you had heard every single one of their songs or hadn’t heard a single one up until they played live – the crowd had a great time. After Vundabar played their final song, many fans yelled “Holy Toledo” in hopes that they would play it, and unfortunately for them, their wishes were not granted.

Be on the lookout for new music coming from these guys. You don’t want to miss out.

Skating, Hating, Masturbating

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Ice Cream talks to us about memes, their upcoming album, and “Dairy Rock,” the genre they invented

By Madison Killian


Hailing from San Francisco, the band Ice Cream is not your average group of dudes. Before our interview, I read up on them and was drawn in immediately: they were working on a debut album with the legendary Bruce Botnick (famously worked with The Doors, and The Beach Boys) and was soon scouring their Facebook page… and stumbled upon the “Band Interests” section. It read: skating, hating, masturbating.

Oh no.

The genre-bending garage punk band consists of Lou Rappoport, Kevin Fielding, Joseph Sample, and Bryce Fernandez. When the band reached out to me, we decided to move forward with an interview via Skype… but it turns out that the extremely cheap and garbage wifi in my apartment wasn’t strong enough; And instead of seeing the faces of the dashing members of Ice Cream, it looked like I had paused a action-packed scene from the movie The Ring. After much giggling between us, and me trying out holding my laptop in awkward positions in an attempt to get a better connection, we decided to just talk on the phone. But, as disastrous as our introductions happened to be- the rest of the interview was great. Fun, even. All’s well that ends well.


Sucker: How long have you guys been a band?

Ice Cream: 2 years I think. Maybe 18 years.

Sucker: Do you guys have hobbies other than music?

Ice Cream: Hockey, surfing! Video games for sure.

Sucker: Are you guys signed to a label?

Ice Cream: We put out our cassette on the Burger Records imprint label, Weiner. We’re talking about doing our full length with them.

Sucker: Do you have an album title yet?

Ice Cream: We’re currently taking title suggestions. So, if you think of anything good. Let us know…

Sucker: What bands would you say influence you most?

Ice Cream: I’m gonna go ahead and say not really bands right now. It could be like.. A bus driving by.. And I’d be really interested in the bus noise. Just like… sounds in general right now.

Sucker: Ok…

Ice Cream: It could change tomorrow, but today I heard one of those electric busses, and they got good feedback. You can hear the voltage. *makes extremely cool and definitely not lame revving engine noises*

Sucker: You guys should just call your next album Bus Noise.

Ice Cream: Bus Noise!

Sucker: I kind of hate bus noises because they all drive right by my apartment…I can’t relate.

Ice Cream: But maybe it could be soothing?

Sucker: Totally! Except when it’s not.

Ice Cream: *laughs*

Sucker: Are there any misconceptions about your band?

Ice Cream: Yeah, we get a lot of people thinking that we’re adult contemporary, or we’re a latino boy band- because of our name. There’s another band with our name, so when you type in Ice Cream on Spotify it takes you there… So like when we play live, it’s a lot of explaining that we aren’t them.

It’s hard explaining the genre. Especially to people who aren’t super familiar. I wanna say garage-rock, but when you say garage-rock, people think of like, heavy nonsense. And then I wanna say something with a sweet melody, so like, garage-pop. But then people are like, “What the hell is garage-pop?”

I started telling my co-workers that it’s punk-rock-jazz. Somewhere in that realm I feel.

I just feel like garage rock, surf rock, pop rock… uhhh… just a mixture of those.

And then you call that dairy-rock.

Sucker: Dairy rock.

Ice Cream: Yeah. Dairy Rock.

Sucker: Perfect.

Ice Cream: Mind bending.

Sucker: Drink of choice?

Ice Cream: Moscow mule- I never order them though because they’re usually quite expensive. *laughs* If I have an all encompassing drink ticket from a venue- that’s what I’m getting.

Other than that I just drink cheap beer. I like some IPA’s. Yeah. Heineken.

Sucker: So lots of beer. Are you guys big into partying?

Ice Cream: We pick and choose our battles, you know? In this day and age you gotta pick and choose.

Sucker: What are your favorite memes? Or do you hate memes.

Ice Cream: Oh.. you mean may-mays? *laugh* Oh man- I could go on for DAYS with memes. Right now what’s popping into my head- that sad Michael Jordan face one is pretty funny. Like, usually if somebody fucks up they put a sad Michael Jordan face on their body. I’m just trying to get through this life without having a sad Michael Jordan face photoshopped onto me.

I saw this one that was like “9 out of 10 white girls Can’t Even.”

My girlfriend and all her friends keep saying “I can’t. I literally can’t.” like…. What the fuck. They all sound the same.


That’s when the band switched the script on me… and asked me about my own life.

Ice Cream: So what bands are you getting piped about right now?

Sucker: Hmmm.. I’m listening to a lot of older punk right now, I always like The Strokes.

Ice Cream: Classic Strokes.

Sucker: Yeah I can’t do country music. Do you guys like country music?

Ice Cream: No. *laughs* garage country maybe. We love the Strokes too, though. They’ve definitely influenced us.

Sucker: Where do you guys see yourselves in 10 years?

Ice Cream: Not dead.

Sucker: That’s the goal.

Ice Cream: Maybe have a food truck?

Maybe become millionaires off of the music and then retire…

Sippin’ on a pina colada in a cocoa cabana… hopefully.

Sell out immediately and then never make another album. We did it boys.

Sucker: Everyone’s gonna go solo.

Ice Cream: Yeah it’s gonna be like what Justin Timberlake did, but in the opposite direction. The album comes from every other N’Sync member besides him.

I wanna be Lance Bass. That’s all I’m saying.

Isn’t he an astronaut?

He’s definitely a gay astronaut.

Lance has a nice face.

Sucker: Do you guys follow pop-culture a lot?

Ice Cream: Anything that has to do with Rihanna. All hail queen Rih!

Sucker: I’m on that train for-sure.

Ice Cream: That’s what I’m talkin’ about GIRL!

Actually. We started a church, it’s called Ice Cream on Rihanna. Every member is actually just photoshopping melting ice cream scoops on Rihanna’s smokin’ hot body.

That could be a may may! That could be my new favorite meme.

Sucker: What’s next for you guys?

Ice Cream: We’re working with Bruce Botnick and kinda learning all these secrets about all these other people he’s worked with like Jim Morrison and Brian Wilson and shit. We’re pretty excited about it. We’re kinda just shopping for a label that’s gonna be able to put it out with some gusto, you know? We have a couple label offers but we’re trying to hold out on making a decision right now though. But yeah, Bruce is recording and mixing it. He’s got an ear for weird shit. So we kinda just record as much weird shit as possible and let him pick.

Sucker: Did you guys get to hear any cool stories from him?

Ice Cream: Yeah. Apparently Jim Morrison and him were at a hotel once and Jim threw a mattress out of the window, and then he jumped out of the window and onto the mattress. And he hit the mattress, but he knocked himself out on the mattress and they just left him there. *laughs*

Some of these songs we’ve had for awhile. Some of it is super new. There’s gonna be a lot of different stuff on there.

We’re trying to think of an album title that’s like Sum 41’s All Killer No Thriller, cuz’ that’s so sweet. We might call it All Thriller No Killer… or Even More Thriller…

Keep up with Ice Cream on their website and Facebook, and check out their video for “Wild” below.

Father John Misty Loves Me and I Have Proof

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Sucker Magazine’s Exclusive “Highs and Lows” of Day 1 at Governor’s Ball NYC 2016

By Jess Petrylak


Photo by Justin Leonti

Walking onto Randall’s Island on the morning of Friday June 3rd, brought forth an overwhelming sense of comfort and excitement; this would be my home for three days. Here I will experience and share countless of  memories of seeing my favorite artists and bands, with some of my favorite people on the planet. And although cut short due to extreme weather conditions, GovBallNYC 2016 holds some of my most cherished memories of my 21 years of existence.


Photo by Nigel Deakin


We had planned for weeks what we were to bring, how to get there and back, how to survive in heat or rain, which shows we absolutely could not miss. Walking up to the gates that read “Governor’s Ball” in bold, happy letters, we promptly got into line around noon to get our bags checked and wristbands scanned. Scattered amongst the crowd were some of the coolest girls I’ve ever seen, adorned in Strokes shirts and jackets bought directly from the Strokes “Pop-Up Shop” that was open until the last day of GovBall, June 5th. Holy shit, I thought to myself, today the Strokes are playing.

Suddenly, the gates open and I see people begin to frantically rush towards the GovBallNYC Stage, where nonetheless, the Strokes were to play that night at 9:15pm. I smiled for the girls that pummeled past security, I smiled for their excitement and their eagerness, I smiled because they would be barrier for the Strokes.


The London Souls at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Matt Ebbers


After scanning our super cool and efficient GovBall 2016 wristbands, we marched onto the festival grounds and were greeted by volunteer workers handing out emoji decorated pins, all while wishing us a safe and happy time. We headed directly to the GovBallNYC stage to groove to The London Souls and kick off our GovBall experience. The London Souls, a two man band established in 2008, reinterpret and modernize classic rock music while still holding close to the roots and beloved stylization. With drum beats that re-pattern the beat of your heart and guitar riffs that would make Hendrix proud, there is no denying that The London Souls are the future of classic rock in the 21st century, totally bad-ass and the nicest, most gracious guys. Not a head in the crowd wasn’t bopping along to their structurally sound, seductive anthems.

IMG_0539 - Copy

Bully at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Matt Ebbers

Some time had passed, and we had scurried around the festival grounds checking out each stage, merch table and food stand. We decided to take a break after watching Black Pistol Fire and sit under a tree while having some food and beers. We unenthusiastically hear Elle King from across the field, we were not planning on seeing her set, because well, we just aren’t into her. Being subjected to hear her Elle King would have been fine if she sang her own songs, but instead she had only belted out merely a few originals and the rest of her 45 minute set to sing covers.

We quickly ate, checked the line-up schedule and headed over to the Big Apple stage to watch BULLY’s set, which we were all very excited to see. Bully, a grunge punk band formed in Nashville in 2013, has a distinguishable raw and realness, that translates smoothly not only with Alicia Bognanno’s rough vocals, but with their overall attitude. Within their set, after finishing a song, Bognanno exclaimed while smirking, “so the next few songs are covers.” How shady, I love it.

IMG_0563 - Copy
Father John Misty at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Jess Petrylak


We stayed at the Big Apple Stage because a few people in our group were interested in seeing Action Bronson, who was the least of my concern. Only a few hours until Father John Misty graces the Big Apple Stage. Once Action Bronson finished his blunt and his set, my friend took me and slingshotted me to barrier, where I was to stay for two hours until J Tillman’s set.  I did not even speak to anyone at barrier, a lot of people were talking amongst themselves, trying to make friends while waiting packed together in the sun. I just stood there, facing forward, occasionally looking back at my boyfriend who was a few people behind me, but mostly staring at the stage, waiting.

Two hours had felt like month, when suddenly the lights went out and band members (that suspiciously all looked like J. Tillman) piled on stage. My heart started racing as J. Tillman sauntered on stage, appropriately bowing and nodding and pointing. This idiot man, this stupid fucking idiot! He looks so good! With a single hit of the drum, I knew they were starting with a classic, and one of my favorite Father John Misty Songs: “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.” The entire crowd started dancing, and I almost started crying because how out-of-body this song has always been for me. With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat I screamed, with the entire crowd the opening lines “Jesus Christ, Girl.” Let me tell you, the song is more magical live, more out of body and more floaty (more floaty? whatever) I was floating, and I wasn’t alone. I could not take my eyes off J. Tillman, his movements and gyrations were hypnotic, it’s as if he had summoned Elvis and was casting a love spell on the entire crowd.

FullSizeRender (97) - Copy

Father John Misty at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Jess Petrylak

I just stood in awe most of the time, in awe of him and in my somewhat pathetic fan-girl mentality, but I did not care, not now, it was my time. A few songs in, I notice him looking in my direction while smugly raising his eyebrows. Taken aback I just smile back at him, while he proceeds to smile, point and wink. What the fuck, that was not towards me, was it? I have forgot to make it clear, we have had history, J. Tillman and I. No, not real history, but there are a collection of tweets we have exchanged back and forth between us, mostly involving him being my father, dog gifs and asking him if he would give me some money. Could he have recognized me? Shut the fuck up, Jess. He eases into playing “Nothing Ever Happens at the Goddamn Thirsty Crow,” and when belting out the lyric “why the long face blondie, I’m already taken, sorry,” he swiftly replaces “sorry” with “sort of” and winks at me again. At this point I am well aware I am part of the act, I’m participating in the world of Father John Misty, I am the prop, I am willing to be the prop. And I am sure he swooned many people that day, I am sure many people felt singled out and special, which is what a great performer does.

Nonetheless, mid song J. Tillman hopped down from the 6 foot stage and came directly for me. The weight of the entire crowd was placed on my back and pushed my body tightly to the barrier, but I did not mind. He’s right in front of me. I looked up at my favorite artist, entertainer, musician, person; I could barely see his face in an all consuming wave of arms and hands grabbing, touching, and I touched what I could (a small section of his bare stomach, sorry J.). Father John Misty’s set, by far, was my favorite experience of GovBall, truly unforgettable and left me shaking with happiness and amazement.




A few hours of relaxation, food and drink was necessary and much needed after Father John Misty’s set, not only for me but for my boyfriend and friends. We were all losing steam and needed to rest before the Strokes set later in the day. I truly have never seen a band bring so many passionate people together like the Strokes have, their fans are loyal, aggressive, real. My sister, who was one of the girls that bolted to barrier early in the day, had described being barrier at a Strokes concert as being part of a hysteria. She stated in a discussion we had afterwards, “It’s so intense, you can feel it everywhere, and you can’t breathe because everyone is trying to get as close as possible. You have no room to move or breathe or anything, and towards the second half of the set you’re like, why did I do this to myself? But you have to do it, It’s all part of the experience.” The energy began to feel thick and electric as we approached the time of the Strokes set, it was to be the icing on the cake of my fulfilling day, but the entire cake for so many. Fashionably late as always, the Strokes began their set 15 after their expected time, opening with the humble classic “The Modern Age.” Fuck yeah.

The first half of their set included songs from their newly released EP, as well as many older songs that only the truest of the Strokes fans would know and be able to sing along to. I was surprised to see many people march away from the stage during this time, as if they were expecting only the typical hits such as “Reptilia” or “Someday.” During the middle of the set, Julian Casablancas broke away from his usual dad joke trope to speak about a serious and tragic issue that is currently devastating the Strokes family.

Brett Kilroe, whom Julian had described as “the greatest visual artist who we have ever gotten the chance to work with,” has been creating award-winning design in music, publishing, and branding for over 20 years, and had served as Vice President of RCA Music Group, had unexpectedly passed away. Julian explained that Kilroe had followed them through their entire professional career, creating some of their most iconic visuals, and was a man that he was intimidated of as a young man, but later realized he had the most “wonderful and sweet heart.” “My wife, whom he was very close with, I thought said something awesome about him,” Julian stated, “he knew everyone better than they knew themselves.” Following the heartfelt message, the band dedicated “Electricityscape” to the late Brett Kilroe. The rest of the show was brimming with the classic’s all the basics inevitably ran away from, and the night ended on a really fucking great note. The Strokes are still the coolest band in the world.

IMG_6081 - Copy

The Strokes at Gov Ball NYC, Photo by Kristen Knight


Photo Contributions: Matt Ebbers,Kristen Knight, Justin Leonti, Nigel Deakin

Quote by: Brianna Petrisko

Thank you to GovBall, my boyfriend for making this all possible, my group for putting everyone’s safety first, everyone that helped me execute this article, and all my friends that attended.

The 69th Best Drummer of All Time

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An Interview with founding Melvin’s drummer Dale Crover

Interview by Dylan Conner

dale dale dale

Dale Crover at The Showbox, Photo by Dylan Conner

I arrived in downtown Seattle during rush hour traffic on May Day, a massive line of fans already forming outside the Showbox. After dodging a riot (yeah, perfect timing I know), armed police officers and a lot of studded belts I finally made it inside. Dale Crover of the Melvins was recently named among the top 100 drummers of all time by Rolling Stone, so I was eager to finally get inside and talk to the legend himself. I sat down with Dale in a small room backstage and chatted with him about life, and the long awaited album titled “Three Men and a Baby.”

Sucker: So *loud guitar riff in the background* How’s it going?

Dale: Great!

Sucker: How’s the tour been treating you so far?

Dale: Great, it’s been really great. We’ve been out since March 18th, so it’s been a long one.

Sucker: Kinda ready to be done?

Dale: I mean yeah, we got a little bit of a break and then we’re doing one more.

Sucker: Well hey, a break is always nice! So, do you consider yourself to still be part of the local scene here in Seattle?

Dale: Well, we haven’t lived here since- well I haven’t lived here since the 80’s- so it’s kinda hard to say. But I mean, people still think we’re from here anyways. See… it’s weird, we have like 3 home towns. Here, San Francisco ‘cause we moved there when we left Washington, and then Los Angeles. So all these shows are kind of a pain in the ass cause all our friends and relatives are coming out.

Sucker: Ah yeah, the relatives.

Dale: I mean it’s fine! It’s just kinda stressful ‘cause it’s like “okay make sure everybody is cool” you know?

Sucker: Oh yeah for sure. Do you feel like anything since the 90’s has changed for the worse?

Dale:  The worse? Gosh.. I don’t know. Good question!

Sucker: How about for the better?

Dale: I mean not really, maybe bands selling more records. But I mean, I don’t know. Things are great now.

Sucker: So do you think the booming music scene from the 90’s in Seattle would have had the same impact had it happened today?

Dale: Umm, hard to say. I mean probably considering the way that the music scene is today, certainly a band like Nirvana or Pearl Jam- any of those bands- wouldn’t sell as many records as they did. Because, people don’t buy records anymore. So it might not have, but it’s hard to tell because now- everything is so much more available, looking at that now it’s pretty phenomenal that that had happened at all.

Sucker: Yeah it’s pretty incredible. The new record, Three Men and a Baby has been a long time coming since 1999 correct?

Dale: That’s correct.

Sucker: Damn, what’s the story there?

Dale: So we started the record with Mike Kunka from this band called “godheadSilo,” he lived in Olympia for a while and they had a deal on Sub Pop Records. And the band kinda fell apart, I think Dan the drummer cut his hand really bad and he couldn’t play. Anyways yeah they had a contract with Sub Pop and Mike came up with this idea to do a record with us. We started it in 1999 and had it almost finished then he just kinda… lost interest or things happened and he, uh, didn’t finish it. Kinda went away for a while. *Laughs* Disappeared into the woods of the Olympic Peninsula someplace. Anyways, I got a message from him on Facebook a couple years ago and he was like “Hey! Wanna finish this record?” And I was like.. Yeah. I mean for that long we had just blown it off and it never happened. So, after all this time, we are finally on Sub Pop Records.

Sucker: Woah, that’s insane.

Dale: We have never been on Sub Pop. People don’t know that! They think that because we’re from Seattle then we must be on Sub Pop.

Sucker: Yeah there’s definitely a Seattle/Sub Pop association!

Dale: Yeah we’re latecomers. It took a loooong time.

*Cue a long pause… it was very loud in that tiny room, folks.*

Dale: (on the volume) yeah this might last for a while.

Sucker: I mean they sound great!


Dale Crover at The Showbox, Photo by Dylan Conner

Dale: You know these guys?

Sucker: I actually don’t, I gave them a listen while I was stuck in 2 hours worth of traffic on the way here though, not too bad at all. So… What was it like going back and revisiting an unfinished project from 17 years ago and finishing it now?

Dale: …. Strange. We hadn’t heard some of the songs in so long so we had forgotten about that record completely. So going back to it was strange but still cool to hear it you know? Actually, it wasn’t a bad recording. I mean all we really added to that record was vocals and some overdubs. Most of it was finished, and we finished it up completely in our recording studio. We have our own place and our own engineer and he finished it up.

Sucker: That is so awesome, wow. So do you think it would have sounded the same had you finished it back in 1999?

Dale: I don’t think so.

Sucker: Yeah that’s a lot of time. Especially with all the changes in the recording technology and equipment and what not.

Dale: Yeah and you know what’s interesting, the bass player at the time when we started that record had been kicked out of the band. He had his own personal problems and we really weren’t friends with him for a long time and then not too long before that he had kinda cleaned up his act and so we became friends with him again. So he was actually involved in the project so the whole thing came full circle. Very strange how that happens.

Sucker: Strange, but super cool I bet.

Dale: Definitely, so finishing that record was great. To be able to do that after that long.

Sucker: So in regards to content, is there anything you’re trying to get across with this record?

Dale: *laughs* I don’t know. Umm… each one of us wrote different lyrics for different songs, like Kevin the bass player, his are pretty creepy. He’s the creep. All those guys are creeps. *laughs* So there is no real message.

Sucker: So, you probably haven’t heard the end of it- but Rolling Stone named you one of the top 100 drummers of all time? That’s fucking incredible.

Dale: No, no, no. They named me the 69th best drummer of all time.

Sucker: Well that’s pretty good!

Dale: I kinda like the number. I had to laugh about that. Like alright 69 duuude. So… that’s better than being number 2 in my opinion.

Sucker: Literally nothing wrong with that.

Dale: Right! I mean 23 would have been cool, I’m a firm believer in the number 23.

Sucker: Also a good number, 22 is one of my lucky numbers! So any end goals when you got into music?

Dale: Angle?

Sucker: No, no. End goal.

Dale: Damn I thought you said “angle” and I was gonna be like “oh yeah man to pick up chicks” or something haha. But uh… No I didn’t. And still don’t really, just wanted to do it.

Sucker: What would you tell yourself as a young punk kid from rural Washington about your future?

Dale: Get out faster.


Sucker: Would you make any changes to your career and how it happened?

Dale: Oh I’m sure I could have. But, don’t look back as Bob Dylan says.

Sucker: Hell yeah, I was named after him!

Dale: Oh really? Bob Dylan fans in the family?

Sucker: Yeah definitely. That’s a great mantra. So did you have any idols growing up?

Dale: Yeah you know I still listen to the same stuff I did when I was a kid. Funny enough, we were in Salt Lake, Utah the other day and we were listening to the Osmonds. Cause they are from Utah, and that was a band I liked as a kid cause they were on TV and they looked cool, at least to a little kid. But yeah we were driving through the mean streets of SLC, wondering what life would be like for a young Donny Osmond. But I guess they’re from Provo… but whatever.

Sucker: Well damn that’s cool. Anyways I won’t subject you to a long interview. Thank you so much man! 

Dale: No worries at all. Enjoy the show!


And enjoy the show I did. The Melvins blew the roof off of the Showbox. Their record Three Men and a Baby was released on April 1st and can be found just about anywhere. I encourage you all to give it a listen because frankly, it fucking rules.

Calm Down, Witch

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Love Through Enchantments & Witch Tips

By Jess Petrylak



Life comes at you fast (surprise, bitch) and sometimes you need a little something extra that will remedy the seemingly uncontrollable bad vibes. The following are easy, totally do-able, totally safe, and affordable spells/enchantments/tips that can get you through even the toughest of times, while still embracing the supreme witch that you are:


1. Go Crystal Shopping at your Local Occult Shop

There is truly nothing more spiritual and magical than letting a crystal choose you. Upon walking into your local occult shop, gaze over the crystals, pick them up and experience them. Crystals have a unique way of knowing what you need and call out to you (try not to be biased based on color and shape!). For example, selenite, which is a personal favorite,aids with mental clarity, and is often used to help with anxiety. Once you have picked out your crystal, research it and make sure you know when and how it is charged for full healing properties. Just having a little crystal companion to keep on you wherever you go will definitely give you a feeling of protection and safety.

 2. Burn Away the Bad Vibes with Incense and Candles
Much like crystals, burning certain colored candles and specific incense can emit a healing energy with a few simple steps. Choosing a candle color is essential to releasing the correct vibes you wish to obtain; for example, if you were seeking change, you would choose a turquoise colored candle. To prepare your candle, you must cleanse it by rubbing lite olive oil upwards towards the wick. This process strengthens the candles abilities. The spiritual meanings of incense fragrances bring forth clarity of mind as well as other magical properties. Burning  frankincense can purify negativity and bring forth courage. (Remember to never let your guard down when experimenting with fire!)

3. Brew Up a Tea Potion
Teas are yummy and easy potions for beginners on a budget. You simply mix the ingredients, let them steep in hot water, and experience the potion as it emits throughout your being. Make sure your atmosphere reflects the qualities you are looking for and is protected. You can find Sucker’s Beginners Guide to Tea Potions here

 4. Have a Bewitching Night Out with your Coven
Although indulging in solitude is totally necessary when feeling overwhelmed, it can add gloom to your already stressed out vibes. Ring up some of your closest friends, dress in all black, fly over to your favorite haunt, drink a couple brews and relax. If going out isn’t your scene, inviting friends over for a cozy night in is a fun, serine experience for everyone. Watching a Sucker recommended movie gathered around a glowing crystal salt lamp will definitely heal your aura.  

5. Cleanse your Being in the Bath or Shower
Showering or bathing seems like too much work and a waste of time when you have so many other things to do. We’ve all had those days (..or few days) where we have gone without showering, but it will calm you down and make you feel even better if you do. Just using natural shampoos and soaps in the shower can sometimes leave you and your being feeling entirely refreshed. If you opt to bathe, soaking in a homemade bath spell, accompanied with crystals and candles most definitely do the trick as well. The following is a fairly simple, vegan friendly, bath spell that can be used to heal one’s spirit (specifically those who have experienced trauma):

• 1-2 cup(s) Milk (Powdered or Liquid, Dairy or Non-Dairy) for Nurturing
• ¼ cup Honey (Protection) and/or Maple Syrup (Rebirth, Healing)
• 5 Drops Lavender Oil (Tranquility, Peace of Mind, Eased Sleep)
• [Optional] 5 Drops Clary Sage (Protection, Related to the Reproductive System)
• ¼ Cup Himalayan Pink (Cleansing, Self Love) or Sea Salt (Cleansing, Purification)
• Lemon Slices (Cleansing– Avoid sun exposure for 6 hours after using lemon in bath; do not use if having a dairy milk bath, as it can curdle. And that would be yucky).
• Oatmeal (Soothing)
• Rosemary (Protection)
• Rose Quartz (Self love)
• Amethyst (Healing and Restful Sleep)
• Rhodonite (Recovery of Trauma– Do not put in water as it might dissolve, leave on edge of tub)
• Pink, White, and Light Blue Candles (Healing, Self Love, and Purification)


6. Channel the White Witch and twirl like Stevie Nicks
Getting out of bed is sometimes the hardest part of day, let alone getting up the energy to do any physical activity.  If you’re not in the mindset to jog or go to the gym, at least get on your feet and do some signature Stevie Nicks twirls (but do it responsibly), and when you do it, do it cool.

7. Listening to our “Calm Down, Witch” Playlist
When practicing any form of self love, it’s important to have a soundtrack that calms your spirit and makes you feel invincible. This playlist is specifically made for practicing self love through enchantments and witch tips, enjoy!:

Wild Nothing Makes the Constellation Room ‘Paradise’ for a Night

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By Yvonne Villasenor


After four long years of listening to Wild Nothing, I was finally able to see them perform live at none other than in The Constellation Room at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif. on April 21, 2016.

The five member group was founded by singer/song-writer, Jack Tatum, in 2009. Tatum is accompanied by Jeff Haley on bass, Nathan Goodman on guitar, Jeremiah Johnson on drums and Kevin Knight on keyboards.

Personally, it was an emotionally striking night for me. Wild Nothing’s music represents all that is loved and all that is lost – it has been there for me while falling madly in love as well as during the times when I lost it all.

After a rather lengthy intermission filled with Prince’s greatest hits, Wild Nothing came onto the stage.

The crowd roared as soon as the lights dimmed. Tatum grabbed his guitar and the beginning of “To Know You” off their new record, Life of Pause, began. This left everyone around me (or at least, the drunk girls spilling their PBR everywhere) dancing and cheering. He played another song off the new record called “A Woman’s Wisdom.”

They next played “Nocturne” – a personal favorite (I’m talkin’ top five favorite songs of all time here…) and others were excited to hear it too.

Soon enough, most of the room was singing along, “you can have me, you can have me all.”

Although I was highly anticipating on hearing a couple songs off the Golden Haze and Empty Estate E.P.s and Gemini, I was definitely not disappointed with the set list.

Because To Know You was released only two months ago, their set list consisted of many songs off the record (“Alien,” “Lady Blue,” “Love Underneath My Thumb,” “TV Queen” and “Reichpop.”) The rest were off of the band’s 2012 album, Nocturne (“Paradise,” “Only Heather” and “The Blue Dress”)
One song I was pleasantly surprised to hear was “Summer Holiday” since it was an oldie, but of course, a goodie off Gemini.


Following “Love Underneath My Thumb,” Tatum raised his cup and told the rest of those who had one to raise it for Prince.

“For the one and fucking only, Prince. Goddammit. I’m gonna miss him so much,” Tatum said.

After playing “Reichpop,” Wild Nothing thanked everyone for showing up and walked off stage.

Most of the crowd stuck around and chanted “one more song” for a few minutes. The room began to become quieter, and that’s when Wild Nothing came back to announce they would play a few more songs.

Everyone began nodding their heads and dancing as they began their encore with “Japanese Alice.”

They next played “Life of Pause” – another favorite of mine off the new record.

The repeated line “how can we want love?” made me reflect on any romantic interests I’ve ever had throughout my lifetime and only made me hope that it made the couples being lovey dovey in front of me uncomfortable too.

Wild Nothing ended their set with perhaps one of their most melancholy tunes, “Shadow,” and had the whole crowd singing along (and hopefully teary-eyed like me…)

Tatum thanked the crowd once again and the lights in the room turned on, indicating the show was indeed over.

I was glum over it ending, but at the same time, so happy that after waiting for so long, I was finally able to see one of my favorite bands play live. It was a surreal experience.

Wild Nothing’s world tour started April 20 and they will be touring in the states until May 20 – catch them live if they’re playing near you and be sure to check out their new album, Life Of Pause.


Starbenders are Cooler than Everyone, So I Interviewed Them

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A Conversation with Lead Vocalist Kimi Shelter

Interview by Madison Killian

Christian Cody | Brooklyn | 2016

Atlanta band StarBenders have perfected the act of confusing listeners. Delicately mixing punk rock with bubblegum pop, and somehow holding a horror-movie reminiscence close, I’m not sure how to accurately describe or compare them to any other musician. So I went ahead and asked lead singer Kimi Shelter a few questions.

Sucker: I’m sure you guys get this a lot, but I’m going to be a dick and ask anyways. Where does the name Starbenders come from?

StarBenders: The name came to me in the middle of an intergalactic fugue.

Sucker: Do you take inspiration from other musicians or bands? If so, which ones?

StarBenders: Absolutely.  The New York Dolls, Blondie, The Killers, Pixies and The Cramps.. to name a few.

Sucker: Which recent band reunion are you all the most excited for, Guns n Roses? The Misfits? Blink-182?

StarBenders: Guns n’ Roses is pretty fucking sweet. We’ve watched a few of the fan videos people have been posting and Axl Rose sounds more psychotic than ever. No one expected Axl and Slash to ever reunite so it takes the cake.  

Sucker: How have each of your musical tastes evolved as you’ve gotten older?

StarBenders: As you get older, you learn to expand your horizons. If a tree is prevented from growing its roots, it dies.  There’s no partiality, which is an unfortunate side effect of youth.

Sucker: If Donald Trump were to join your band, which instrument would he play?

StarBenders: Politics, really?!  I’d hope he’d play his check book.

Sucker: Which instrument would Bernie play?

StarBenders: The oboe.

Sucker: Favorite Vices?

StarBenders: Miami.

Sucker: I feel like your sound is pretty unique. Do you ever get compared to other bands?

StarBenders: Sure. We get compare to Jane’s Addiction, The Killers and Blondie most regularly.

Sucker: I get a very old time-y horror vibe from your newer music, particularly the song (and video) for Blood. Are you guys inspired by anything other than music?

StarBenders: Love is the sweetest of fruits and the truest inspiration.

Sucker: Where did you all meet each other?

StarBenders: Katie and I went to camp together. Chris and Aaron are both local cats that I knew from the scene.  

Sucker: Were any of you in bands in high school/middle school? What did they sound like?

StarBenders: We all jammed with friends on the regular, and whatever it sounded like was surely loud and boisterous.


Sucker: Are any of you superstitious?

StarBenders: Fuck yes.

Sucker: Why is art important to you?

StarBenders: Art is expression and was man’s first form of communication. It’s everything.

Sucker: What are your goals as a band? Do you have a message you’re trying to convey through your art?

StarBenders: We want to be on the road for as long as possible and be able to look back and be proud. The message is just to be wild and free. This world is cruel and we need one another.

Sucker: Cats or dogs?

StarBenders: We all like both.  Chris and I (Kimi) are definitely more cat people. Katie and Aaron LOVE their dogs.

Sucker: How has your band evolved, musically since its inception?

StarBenders: Working with our producer, Nico Constantine, has really allowed us to get weird and try things that are more risky than our previous records. We’re just so happy to see what we’re turning into at the 2 year mark, and even more excited for the years to come.

Sucker: Are any of you involved in other projects or do you have any cool hobbies? (like painting or… lacrosse or… whatever) whether it be music or not?

StarBenders: Yeah, for sure. We’re all pretty athletic and enjoy staying active in our downtime. Bowling, basketball, yoga, raising a glass or two, laser tag.. We keep it fresh on the road.

Sucker: What’s next for Starbenders? Any last words?

StarBenders: Our new record, Heavy Petting, will be out May 31st via Institution Records. Come catch us at a show and make sure to say hello!

Bring a lot of Beer, and Ration Your Weed

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Music Festivals

By Dylan Conner

Ahh… it’s that time of year. Festival season is upon us. Here at Sucker Magazine, we are definitely into festivals and as an annual festival attendee myself, I believe it’s my duty to give the newbies all the ins and outs of what its really like to survive a multiple-day fest. You don’t even have to be a newbie, but regardless, I have compiled a nice list of things you should and should definitely not do while attending such events.


Make sure and get plenty of rest

We’ll start with the “Do’s”…

  • Plan your group accordingly. Bring people you would definitely enjoy yourself with, and who will be game to keep going when it hits hour 4 of standing at the main stage.
  • Scout out places to pee, and do so whenever you get the chance.
  • Pack just enough food that you think you might eat, chances are you won’t eat half of it but it’s good to be prepared.
  • Bring a lot of beer. Just when you think you have enough beer, grab more.
  • Find a good meeting place in case you lose your group, or you can just safely assume they will end up back at the campsite eventually.
  • Introduce yourselves to the people camping by you! Festival friends are good friends.
  • Camp near the Canadians, they rule.
  • Pack a damn first aid kit, we’re talking the whole nine yards. You’re going to thank me when you have a ton of blisters.
  • Make sure your shoes are comfortable if you want to avoid the issue mentioned before.
  • The Hangover: avoid it by either not drinking a ton, or just go balls to the wall and stay continuously drunk.
  • If you really need to wear that dope body chain, make sure you bring sunscreen to avoid weird tan lines. I mean, bring sunscreen anyways but you know what I mean.
  • Ration. Your. Weed.
  • Plan out who you want to see prior to the actual event.
  • General rule of thumb is to pack like you’re going on a regular camping trip but with music and a lot more people.


Here’s what you absolutely fucking should not do…

  • Don’t try some drug you’ve never done at a festival. If you absolutely must take that tab of acid from the man in the rainbow morph suit, go for it, but make sure you have a babysitter.
  • Don’t be that guy or girl that needs to sit on someone’s shoulders through an entire set. Also don’t make it worse by just being up there to take selfies.
  • If your group doesn’t want to go see a set that you’re dying to catch, ditch ‘em and go see who you paid all that money to see.
  • Don’t pack like you’re going on a plane. Just plan your outfits and bring some backup clothes if the weather changes.
  • Avoid getting so hammered that you tap out before the music even starts and you wake up facedown in the grass, halfway inside your tent with nobody around you.
  • Do. Not. Forget. To. Drink. Water… you’ll pass out and end up like me at Sasquatch 2013 in the medic tent with some drunk dude asking you to flash him your tits.
  • Ladies, the old “hide joints in your tampon wrappers” trick does not work. Just stash shit in your bras, they can’t check you there.
  • Don’t be afraid to take as many photos as you want. Don’t listen to people who give you grief for it, months later you’re going to be glad you did.
  • Oh cool you bought a sick ass Native American headdress? Leave it at home.