Wild Nothing Makes the Constellation Room ‘Paradise’ for a Night

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By Yvonne Villasenor


After four long years of listening to Wild Nothing, I was finally able to see them perform live at none other than in The Constellation Room at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif. on April 21, 2016.

The five member group was founded by singer/song-writer, Jack Tatum, in 2009. Tatum is accompanied by Jeff Haley on bass, Nathan Goodman on guitar, Jeremiah Johnson on drums and Kevin Knight on keyboards.

Personally, it was an emotionally striking night for me. Wild Nothing’s music represents all that is loved and all that is lost – it has been there for me while falling madly in love as well as during the times when I lost it all.

After a rather lengthy intermission filled with Prince’s greatest hits, Wild Nothing came onto the stage.

The crowd roared as soon as the lights dimmed. Tatum grabbed his guitar and the beginning of “To Know You” off their new record, Life of Pause, began. This left everyone around me (or at least, the drunk girls spilling their PBR everywhere) dancing and cheering. He played another song off the new record called “A Woman’s Wisdom.”

They next played “Nocturne” – a personal favorite (I’m talkin’ top five favorite songs of all time here…) and others were excited to hear it too.

Soon enough, most of the room was singing along, “you can have me, you can have me all.”

Although I was highly anticipating on hearing a couple songs off the Golden Haze and Empty Estate E.P.s and Gemini, I was definitely not disappointed with the set list.

Because To Know You was released only two months ago, their set list consisted of many songs off the record (“Alien,” “Lady Blue,” “Love Underneath My Thumb,” “TV Queen” and “Reichpop.”) The rest were off of the band’s 2012 album, Nocturne (“Paradise,” “Only Heather” and “The Blue Dress”)
One song I was pleasantly surprised to hear was “Summer Holiday” since it was an oldie, but of course, a goodie off Gemini.


Following “Love Underneath My Thumb,” Tatum raised his cup and told the rest of those who had one to raise it for Prince.

“For the one and fucking only, Prince. Goddammit. I’m gonna miss him so much,” Tatum said.

After playing “Reichpop,” Wild Nothing thanked everyone for showing up and walked off stage.

Most of the crowd stuck around and chanted “one more song” for a few minutes. The room began to become quieter, and that’s when Wild Nothing came back to announce they would play a few more songs.

Everyone began nodding their heads and dancing as they began their encore with “Japanese Alice.”

They next played “Life of Pause” – another favorite of mine off the new record.

The repeated line “how can we want love?” made me reflect on any romantic interests I’ve ever had throughout my lifetime and only made me hope that it made the couples being lovey dovey in front of me uncomfortable too.

Wild Nothing ended their set with perhaps one of their most melancholy tunes, “Shadow,” and had the whole crowd singing along (and hopefully teary-eyed like me…)

Tatum thanked the crowd once again and the lights in the room turned on, indicating the show was indeed over.

I was glum over it ending, but at the same time, so happy that after waiting for so long, I was finally able to see one of my favorite bands play live. It was a surreal experience.

Wild Nothing’s world tour started April 20 and they will be touring in the states until May 20 – catch them live if they’re playing near you and be sure to check out their new album, Life Of Pause.